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Aging gracefully (maybe) but where did my pits go?

Temperatures in my area are high, high, high with a good dose of humidity. Of course that always coincides with something I need to do outside. 485 more words


Hair Removal.

I was hanging out with this girl the other day..

It was hot out. She was wearing a tank.

She put her arms over head while we were talking. 93 more words


Wife Carrying Contest & Extra Credit For Not Shaving Your Armpits - In The Stupid News

A wife carrying contest took place over the weekend with the grand prize being lots of beer. Plus a teacher at ASU offers extra credit for a unique semester experience. 142 more words


ASU offers female students extra credit for not shaving armpits

Arizona State University professor Breanne Fahs offers extra credit to female students who agree not to shave their armpits for 10 weeks and journal about their experience. 53 more words

More about armpits...

Suffer from dark armpits? Or excess odor? 

The reason why some people have darker armpits is because they are darker toned.

Another explanation could be that you do not exfoliate them enough.   118 more words


Toxic Pits!?

Look at your antiperspirant ingredients, see aluminum as some of the first ingredients?! 

Aluminum is used in many antiperspirants because it is a great barrier in preventing sweat. 181 more words


Creative Solutions

Creativity is sparked by random moments when we are faced with challenges. For example the challenge  of unwanted BO.

If you were expecting great things… 501 more words