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(Weird) Trend Alert: Dyed Pits

A new trend has surfaced and it’s one of the weirdest I’ve witnessed yet. Making popular appearances on Instagram and Tumblr, women are shifting dying preferences from the hair on their head to their pits. 177 more words


Don't Call Me Chewbacca [Insidethelifeofmoi]

Hey all! I’m going to leave you with one last thing before I go today — my guest post is up over on Insidethelifeofmoi! It’s about legs — hairy, smoothe? 146 more words

Guest Posts

Irritated armpits.

I have never felt like the scents in conventional deodorants reacted with my body well. They smelled good at first, but then as soon as I started sweating, it left me with a weird smell. 769 more words

Coconut Oil

Hairy Truths

It is everywhere. On our heads, in our armpits, on the bathroom sink, on our legs, and in our butts. We really can’t control the growth of hair, but we can be thankful for evolution and not being as hairy as our ancestors once were. 413 more words


Dear proponents of the W.A.N.G movement

Honestly, I had to google this.

Look. Absolutely, women should not feel pressured to shave, wax or laser any part of their body hair. Women should not feel pressured to do anything they don’t want to do, to their body. 538 more words


No Shave November

So November is nearing an end. I have had a birthday, I got a new hair do, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it also means the end of “No Shave November.” This of course is when men participate from the beginning of November and vow to not shave their face until the month has passed, in remembrance and in honor of colon cancer. 383 more words