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6 Things Women Don't Understand About The Male Body

Ladies, you need to print out this list and tape it to your headboard.

1. Our ears are ultra-sensitive to the touch.

Whether you breathe, moan, nibble, or lick our ears, you are tapping into a pleasure zone that you didn’t even know existed until I just told you. 339 more words

While Autumn Dawdles

in my armpits
the prickly heat
of summer


© Steve Mitchell 2014


19 Truths Only Extremely Sweaty People Know To Be True

I’ll never be sure from where (or rather, WHOM) I inherited my excessive sweating abilities, but there are plenty of other things I know for sure when it comes to being an incredibly sweaty person. 578 more words

Why I Love the Smell of Armpits

I had a talk this morning with the God of all creation.  It was a deep, philosophical conversation… ok, no it wasn’t.  I asked Him why He made armpits… and His answer floored me!  466 more words

"I Am Concerned About Your Armpits"

…people say this to me on a weekly basis.


With all of the things going on in the world (like shooting an unarmed black man to death… 199 more words


Smelly Bacteria

I truly think that today’s superfluous use of cosmetics is detrimental to our health. Yeah, hygiene is important, but there’s a subtle difference between “clean” and “replace all your bacteria with sweet-smelling chemicals from a bottle.” Everything in moderation. 297 more words

Human Microbiome

Hairy & Happy - My Story in Love it! Magazine

Here is my armpit hair story that was published in Love it! magazine.


What’s your current Facebook profile picture like? Is it you with your fella, or a favourite holiday snap? 1,313 more words

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