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Earth Conscious Natural Organic Deodorant

This is another one which i’ve left it ages to write, and once again I am so sorry!

I was sent Earth Conscious Natural Organic Deodorant… 214 more words

Beeswax in Your Armpits! - Keeping Backyard Bees

Beeswax works as a great addition to homemade beauty products. Not only is it natural, and slightly microbial, it acts as a consistency stabilizer in moisturizing products like lotion bars, lip balm and in this case, homemade deodorant. 414 more words


True or False: Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer

Let’s talk about why we sweat. Sweating plays an important role in helping you maintain your internal temperature of 98.6° F. When this temperature changes, sweat glands draw fluid from the bloodstream and pass the water to the skin to cool it. 859 more words


There's a Website Devoted to Taylor Swift's Armpits?

File this under: You really CAN find anything online. There’s a section of Reddit.com devoted solely to TAYLOR SWIFT’s armpits. Just go to reddit.com/r/taylorswiftarmpit.
(If you don’t want to sound like a total NOOB, you would call this a “subreddit”.) 89 more words


Dyed Armpit Hair Trend Grows As More Women Opt To #FreeYourPits

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Truly, the human body is a living palette of self-expression. Hair cuts, make up, piercings, tats, armpit hair… wait. Armpit hair? 191 more words


(Weird) Trend Alert: Dyed Pits

A new trend has surfaced and it’s one of the weirdest I’ve witnessed yet. Making popular appearances on Instagram and Tumblr, women are shifting dying preferences from the hair on their head to their pits. 177 more words


Don't Call Me Chewbacca [Insidethelifeofmoi]

Hey all! I’m going to leave you with one last thing before I go today — my guest post is up over on Insidethelifeofmoi! It’s about legs — hairy, smoothe? 146 more words

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