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Just remember, you stink.

Among the many things that you will continually suck at, you will also stink. I’m not saying that you stink, well you may, but this is from my experience–you stink. 222 more words


My body is disgusting.

Maude here.

As Quincy so kindly pointed out in our last post, coffee makes me stink to high heaven. I think it’s the caffeine that makes the sweat smell pungent and unrelenting. 123 more words

I don't shave

So I’m taking an Intro to Lit. class, and we’ve been studying Fight Club (we watched the movie, didn’t have to read the book, talked about it, had a blast, my professor is awesome!) and we had to do an essay on whatever, as long as it related to the material in some way or another. 1,197 more words

Just A Thought

Guest Post: Hold me Closer, Hairy Dancer

This post has been written by a dear friend and a wonderful role model of mine, in hairy situations, and in life.

“I’ve been a hairy lady for over 6 years now. 669 more words

Body Hair

How To Dye Your Armpits

It is no secret that some of us choose not to shave or wax our pits. A lot more and a lot more typically, I am meeting girls who un-apologetically choose not to succumb to the societal pressure of scraping a razor against the soft skin of their bodies. 16 more words

Women Ideas


I am a self-denial romantic. I’d bashed anyone’s head who would say that I am a hopeless romantic. The only head I’d be bashing today is mine because, there is no denying it, I turn gooey and sappy when my heart flutters. 1,895 more words


Parineeti Chopra Ugly Arm Pits exposed?

Once again, the well known wardrobe malfunction star was caught red handed. Just as we thought wow, her outfit is actually okay this time, she raised her arm and revealed that the cut of her dress was not that good after all. 53 more words