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Bicep Curl

Equipment used: dumbbell, barbell, ez-bar, cable, elastic tubing

Major muscles used: Bicep, brachialis, brachioradialis

Movement: Can be performed standing or sitting. If standing, place feet shoulder width apart or staggered. 224 more words


How To Tone Arms

Apr 23, 2014
Give your biceps some adore for arms that are toned and T-shirt prepared
Banishing your bingo wings is best priority on many of our body want-lists, but as nicely as waging war on your triceps, you require to be giving your biceps a exercise too. 10 more words

This Man With No Arms Or Legs Is The Only Person You Need To Listen To Today

If you’re having a bad day, feeling sorry for yourself, sad because of your circumstances and/or worried that you’ll never achieve the things you want to do in life, then you need to watch this video right now. 64 more words


India to test AMD system and first subsonic cruise missile next week

India will be testing an anti-ballistic missile defense system next week, said the director general of the country’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), as well as its first indigenously developed subsonic long-range cruise missile.The interceptor will be tested from Wheeler Island off the east coast of India, in the state of Odisha, some 240 km southwest of Kolkata.  113 more words


Pentagon-sponsored study opens door for super lasers, weather control

Pentagon-sponsored researchers have made the reach of an intensive laser beam longer by an order of magnitude. Researchers say their discovery can be used to seed rain and trigger lightnings, but the potential scope of applications is much larger. 252 more words

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Close to you.....

‘Just looking up into the sky and smiling at Him or giving your own hand a squeeze—as if holding the Lord’s hand—can immediately bring you into the closeness you need with Him’

Love this!