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Ashley J. Williams Returns

I recently heard that Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi and Ash Williams actor Bruce Campbell are  planning an Evil Dead TV series. I don’t know what they’re planning, but I wonder what happened to the news of the Army of Darkness sequel, and what is going on with the sequel to the Evil Dead remake. 114 more words

Evil Dead Coming To TV

Sam Raimi was at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend and boy, did he have a startling revelation for us.  It seems that he and his brother are currently working on a script for a TV version of Evil Dead starring the man himself… Bruce Campbell reprising his role as the main protagonist, Ash. 133 more words

Trading Up

I went out recently with my movie wish list in hand intending to pickup as many of the items listed on it. Most all of them are what I would call trade ups. 113 more words


SDCC: GROOVY! Bruce Campbell To STAR In The New 'Evil Dead' TV Series!

News broke Friday that Sam Raimi was going to be writing an Evil Dead TV Series with his brother Ivan and Bruce Campbell.

Then Bruce Campbell dropped a bomb via Twitter late last night that he would be the star of the new Evil Dead TV Series! 288 more words


Evil Dead II (1987)

I remember being really pissed, sometime in the late nineties, when a friend of mine brought the VHS copy of Evil Dead II for us to watch. 722 more words

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Comic News: Get Some Sugar With Army of Darkness #1992.1

Army of Darkness fans get ready to celebrate with some brand new short stories featuring our favorite deadite vanquishing hero, Ash Williams.  Dynamite Entertainment is releasing this November, Army of Darkness #1992.1, a special square bound edition with short stories starring Ash from writers Steve Niles, Elliott Serrano, Cullen Bunn, James Kuhoric, and Mike Raicht. 117 more words


Army of Darkness

I had such a fun time with Evil Dead 2 that I decided to rent its sequel Army of Darkness. After it sat around for a while while I watched Bob’s Burgers for the eightieth time this month, I finally got to it. 366 more words