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How You Beat A Photo-Radar Speeding Ticket

By: Conservative Politics, Liberty News

Virginia resident Nate Cox, an Army vet whose license plate reads “ENDW4R,” received a speeding ticket in the mail last May alleging he was behind the wheel when his Honda Civic was (allegedly) clocked by a photo-radar device exceeding the posted speed limit somewhere in Washington, D.C.But unlike most people, who’ve become inured to the way municipalities con motorists by making it easier to pay a fine than dispute the charge, Cox, in his own words, “knew better.”He didn’t hire a lawyer or concoct some elaborate scheme to outfox the system. 524 more words


"Fit In"

Don’t bother over thinking about what others say about you. Be your true self. Trying to fit in with people would only be a pain in the ass.  34 more words


Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death for refusing to fight Boko Haram as Islamist group 'kidnaps 100 women and children' in remote village raid

Dozens of Nigerian soldiers have been sentenced to death bu firing squad for refusing to fight Islamic extremists within the country.

The men were accused of refusing to deploy to recapture three towns seized by Nigeria’s home-grown militant group Boko Haram earlier this year, according to the charge sheet. 231 more words


Speaking out.

All this talk of torture has reminded me of a memory I have from my first deployment in Iraq, 2005.

The battalion had just experienced a tragic death. 1,702 more words


Going Home for Christmas

At this time of year lots of buildings get effectively closed for the holiday season, however often the building owners don’t respond properly and reduce the building to minimum energy consumption. 413 more words



Through Marshes we march, Also through Fire and Ice

Through rivers we wade, also through forests and fate.

We run in the present, fight for the future, yet linger in the past… 374 more words



I am aware of the fact that I am at least 2 days late to speak of this. But, it has to be addressed.

It was a completely normal day. 64 more words