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‘Of Mice and Men’, Coming to Cinemas in November

Despite the mixed and even negative reviews from critics, this summer’s Broadway production of John Steinbeck’s classic play, “Of Mice and Men,” proved to be a success. 187 more words

Aron Ralston

Western States Deal with 'The Wildfire Burden'

You see them all the time.  Throughout the summer in the mountains, forests, and deserts of the American West, US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management trucks are frequent sights as their crews travel between fires or work to contain the size of a blaze.   394 more words

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Celebrating the Rocky Mountain Recreation and Wilderness Preservation Act

In late August, to the delight of conservationists throughout Colorado, Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado’s 2ndCongressional District introduced the Rocky Mountain Recreation and Wilderness Preservation Act.  315 more words

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Words for the Wordless Wednesday Post

(For Bill).

Echoes of the Past
In the Maze district of Canyonlands National Park there is a canyon that can only be reached via 30 miles of dirt road from Highway 24 near Goblin Valley State Park.  162 more words


Mt. Champion and the Centennials

Even before I completed climbing Colorado’s 14ers, I had already expanded my peak list to add the next 61 highest mountains in the state. Comprising the 120 named and/or ranked summits above 13,800’, this list includes the “Centennials,” the 100 highest peaks in the state. 743 more words

Aron Ralston