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The Danger of Terminal Education

When does education end? For most people college ends or terminates education, but all education in our lives should awaken us to the wonder of the world around us like taking us to a precipice or a gateway or removing a blind fold and thus opens our eyes to the depth and breadth of that which we don’t know. 510 more words


Water is whooshing down the river

water is spraying me

water raining down on me

water is flooding the road

water is in the sea… 41 more words

2013 Poems

mysqli_query() doesn't insert into table

Have no idea why it won’t insert

$name = 'tom';
    $email = 'swag';
    $number = 123;

mysqli_query($connection, "INSERT INTO `table` (`name`, `email`, 
`number`) VALUES ('$name', '$email', '$number')");
… 37 more words

Plainfield Mourning Loss Of Police Dog

(CBS) — The Plainfield Police Department is mourning one of its own as a police dog died suddenly at the end of his shift yesterday, reports WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger. 192 more words