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More Presents For ME!

Mommy and Daddy have been collecting a bunch of stuff from different places.  They got some of it from the hardware store, and some has come in the mail.  716 more words

Old English Sheepdog

Six Word Saturday - And then the word got out

Remember our ‘rainy day lunch guest‘ this past week?

He apparently told his friends about his great find. :)

Linking to Six Word Saturday… 20 more words


Unseen Growth Part 2: The Story of Jongi

When Jon and Gerlinde were first married, they lived with us for awhile, and during that time they bought a little philodendron. When the moved to Washington State, they bequeathed the plant to me, and as I am a plant lover and dreadfully sentimental, I named the plant “Jongi” (for “Jon”+ “Gi,” because Jonathan sometimes calls Gerlinde “Gigi” for short). 289 more words

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Thursday Challenge: Reflections

“REFLECTIONS” (Mirrors, Windows, Anything Shiny,…)

From my archives (2009).  I realize these are not the best quality images, but I just love the subject matter.  :) 7 more words


Today's Rainy Day Lunch Guest

This little one captured my attention while I was in the kitchen preparing our lunch today. I believe he is feasting on chokecherries.


Monochrome Madness Week 21

For my submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Week 21 – I couldn’t resist the darks and lights in this beach scene… something we all love doing in Mollymook is sitting on the rocks and just watching the waves roll in… 15 more words


Unseen Growth: The Story of Frank

“Frank” was a tiny cactus that Joel purchased from Frank’s Nursery at least 10 years ago, and it stayed tiny for many years in a small pot under teenage management. 446 more words

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