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Some things I found interesting. You might too.

1. It makes the world go round.

2. Advice columnist Carolyn Hax talks the difference between abusive family and disappointing family… 86 more words

Around The Internet

Trigger warning

An article about trigger warnings, their importance, and above all the dual importance of taking care of each other when we don’t understand each others’ experiences and allowing each other to take care of ourselves.


Bits & Bobs

Monsters - Brave New Voices Grand Slam Finals 2013

I just came across this link and had to share it, though it’s a bit old at this point. These young women nail an issue close to my heart with some amazing spoken word. Here.

Bits & Bobs

The 5 Most Disturbing Trends In Internet Blogging

I have been a bad blogger!  I haven’t felt the need to write about anything in depth in a while, so I‘ve just been posting small blurbs on Facebook.  620 more words

Around The Internet