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Blue Around The World

Blue is a favored colored of men and women around the world. The color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, heaven, and sometimes cold and sadness. 133 more words


World’s Weirdest Festivals

                While the entire world knows about Christmas, Halloween and Easter, there are some holidays celebrated in many different parts of the world that are rarely heard of. 486 more words


Seaham's Tommy Sculpture

So few weeks ago, Billy (my landlord) brought us all to this place, the Seaham’s Tommy Sculpture. This sculpture is based on the WW1. It is made of steel and soo awesome..

Around The World

Banned Books Week and a Return to Blogging

Banned Books Week is an important event highlighting the less savoury side of literature production. Library bans, print bans, book burnings, and author prosecution are just a few pastimes I thought to be a thing of the past. 403 more words


Monday Must Reads

Excellent (and depressing) essay by Hisham Melhem on the collapse of Arab civilization. It’s hard to pull just one quote from it, but here’s the concluding paragraph: 1,295 more words