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Caramel cappuccino

As I wrote in a previous post I’m in U.S. – Philadelphia (leaving to New York in a few hours yayyy). For everyone who was wondering (or not) it’s not just a vacation – I came to visit my boyfriend who works here <3 The pictures are from my first day here – after lunch we took a walk at the city center (I was looking for spots to shop ;) and after that we stopped at Starbucks for coffee. 53 more words

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Meet the face of the Chinese freedom movement

Though he may appear an unlikely leader, 17-year-old Joshua Wong is front and center of the pro-democracy protests happening in Hong Kong this week.

The New York Times published… 384 more words

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Amore Aeroportuale

Una decina di giorni fa stavo seduta all’aeroporto ad aspettare il mio volo. Avevo tre- quattro ore da spendere là da sola. Ma infatti all’aeroporto non si potrà mai stare da solo, con tutta quella gente che viene e va, madonna che confusione. 671 more words

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Solbit Plays A New Game That Makes Her Disappear

Dear Nicalai,

Bjorn introduced me to video games.  You know, Nona and Papa haven’t a clue about these things.  So, this game, called Skylanders, was completely new to me. 337 more words

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Corporate reality

Just because, you know, reality has taken over…

Economic agents measure their success against the figures they get each year, right? As far as the Management is concerned, what really matters is how much the company will profit at the end of the year – after taxes, after costs, etc… Profit is their ultimate purpose – and that would also be the factor around which western capitalist developed societies organize themselves. 278 more words