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BB #40 – Down the Tubes

Last week Vinton “Vint” Cerf was the guest on The Colbert Report. The elegant Mr. Cerf is one of the two acknowledged fathers of the internet (the other is… 1,000 more words

Brain Bubble

Computer Network Basic

Computer network allows computer to exchange data.

In a network each computer is said to be a node.This node are connected to one another by cable or wireless media… 114 more words


Since Arpanet, There Have Been Trolls

By BitcoDavid

One of the subjects we’ve covered is the Boren-Thomas murders – the tragic death and dismemberment of a young woman and her infant child, by an estranged husband. 681 more words

Deaf In Prison


1. The first answer to the question, when was email first used is when arpanet company develpoed it. The company started proposing the use of email in 1973. 244 more words

Arpanet HD Secrets

4. The forth ansqwer to the question when was email fist used is when MIT bgan demonstrating the time shsaring systyems in the sixtiies. It enabled more users log onto the computer known then as IBM 7094 from anothre terminal that uses the dial-up syastem. 283 more words


To write about Pynchon, you don’t have to say much. He says it better.

For no good reason, except maybe fear, I have avoided reading… 722 more words

Against The Day