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The Americans: "Arpanet" Review (Season 2 Episode 7)

As fascinating and compelling as the dark, complex characters of Elizabeth and Philip Jennings are, it’s always nice when that takes a momentary backseat in favour of either more traditional espionage-based conflict, or a more comprehensive look into the show’s setting (it is easy for a period drama’s setting to overwhelm it, and  871 more words


I was born in the year of the Magnavox Odyssey.

The Magnavox Odyssey was the first commercial video game console. Released in August 1972, it was designed by Ralph Baer, who in 1966 (when England won the world cup, insert big smile here and think of the words “they think it’s all over…”) began prototyping and by 1968 he had a working model, known as the Brown Box. 318 more words


The Americans 2.07 "Arpanet" Review: "He's Our Monster"

Season 2 of The Americans is exploring ideas of family; the one we create and the more abstract ideological aspects such as country and what is home. 1,611 more words

The Americans

La avalancha de información

En 1969 “nace” el Internet, o en ese tiempo se lo conocía como ARPANET  y para 1971 ya había 23 ordenadores conectados a ARPANET, todo empieza a darse rápidamente y en el mismo año se envía un correo electrónico y se crea el primer virus llamado… 433 more words


The Internet was funded by the Pentagon and still controlled by the U.S. government but that is about to change

The Internet began as a Pentagon-funded project called ARPANET, a network linking computers in some American universities and government agencies. Eventually, it was opened up to become the world wide web, connecting everything from computers and mobile phones to tablets and video game consoles. 28 more words


Sejarah Jaringan Komputer

Sejarah Jaringan Komputer Global/Dunia dimulai pada 1969 ketika Departemen Pertahanan Amerika, U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) memutuskan untuk mengadakan riset tentang bagaimana caranya menghubungkan sejumlah komputer sehingga membentuk jaringan organik. 441 more words