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Music Quote Monday

Here is a quote from famous pianist Vladimir Horowitz to conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim about the importance of markings in a piece of music. 50 more words


You Must Do Your...

Time and time again, my teachers tell me that I have to practice my scales and arpeggios. They are the quintessential building blocks for any musician of any age, yet they are such a pain to accomplish. 562 more words


Arpeggios Part 2

In Arpeggios – Part 1 we looked at how to turn a major 7 arpeggio into a dominant 7, minor 7 and half diminished arpeggio. This is all well and good but if you only know one shape for each of these chord types you’ll need to do a lot of jumping around the neck when improvising over chord progressions. 423 more words


Arpeggios Part 1

Arpeggios are the building blocks of music. We all learn our instrument by imitating other people – carefully copying their riffs and licks – but in order to develop our own voice, through composition or improvisation, an understanding of arpeggios is pretty essential. 410 more words


Arpeggios Exercise 1. A - A Minor

Hello Friends of the Low End!

This exercise is designed to help you get comfortable with the notes in a chord, this helps with creating fluid bass lines. 101 more words


"Violin Concerto No. 9"

The melody is always the same.
Same notes. Same tune.
Artiste par excellance.
Drawing the same bow,
Over taut strings.
As if they would break, 132 more words