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Is Louis Vuitton Losing Customers?

Some reports claim that having a certain condescending attitude towards customers can actually raise sales. They claim that if an employee conducts makes a customer feel as if they can’t afford a certain item or that it’s too upscale for their reach, it encourages the customer to purchase the item to prove the employee wrong. 629 more words


Louis Vuitton Isn't Good Enough For The Chinese

Sales have been dropping and investors are worried. It seems this luxury brand isn’t all that desirable after all, at least that’s what it seems over at the third largest luxury market in the world- China. 570 more words


Kendall takes the World!

Looks like Kendall takes the Fashion world! An accomplishment that surprised, well, every single one of us.

Kendall Jenner- or should I say, Kendall without the Jenner, chose to drop it for her fashion career in an attempt to disassociate herself from the rest of her ‘Klan’. 715 more words


Art or Fart? What to say about Kim K

Art or Fart? What do you think?

It doesn’t seem like this family is planning on going away for a long, long time. It’s scandal after scandal that now earns her the newest spot of the most famous woman in the world (no, b-hives it’s not Beyoncé anymore). 619 more words


What I'm Gaming: The Crew, Persona Q:Shadow of the Labyrinth, Binding of Isaac:Rebirth & WWE 2k15

OK, so I think I’ve gone for the longest possible header for this weeks ‘WiG’.

I honestly could have gone longer. I’ve decided not to go over the FFXIV, Heathstone and DOTA2 fun I’ve had this week as well. 1,064 more words


Turn 1

This is a simply worded guide for Turn 1 of the First Binding Coil of Bahamut. This is fairly easy content now with boosted item level, nerfed mechanics and echo buff. 512 more words


"Kaaviyathalaivan"... Truly a musical...

Few of the best movies to have come out in recent times in Tamil cinema like Veyil, Angaadi theru and aravaan being in his kitty was enough to create high hopes for Kaaviyathalaivan from Vasanthabalan. 1,271 more words