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100 happy songs - Day 57

Yesterday morning, I was feeling really low. It could be because of the really bad cold that I got from somewhere. Or may be, because of the heat here in Madras. 397 more words


100 happy songs - Day 42

Because I am reporting from Madras, today shall be a happy Madras song.

Madras-a suthi pakka poren from May Madham. Nothing more to be said. Enjoy.

Peace Out.



We have determined that Ruger American Rimfire™ rifles chambered in .22 WMRF (Magnum) and .17 HMR manufactured between November 17, 2013 and January 8, 2014 were manufactured without a vent hole. 451 more words

100 happy songs - Day 40

It is day 40 of this happy song challenge and I can’t believe there hasn’t been even one Thalaivar song featured. It is so.. blasphemous. How did I even do it? 98 more words


100 happy songs - Day 36

Today is a lesser known ARR song.

Vaan Nila from Kadhal Virus. I love the fast beats in this song. And, of course, the singers are my favourite Karthik and Srinivas. 10 more words


Phoenix Downs & Hadokens: Why Final Fantasy XIV Freaking Important

Gaming is not only my past time but also a huge part of who I am. In fact, as a kid my reading and comprehension scores were through the roof simply because I played video games back in the day when voice acting was a luxury for most dev teams. 731 more words