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How PayPal swindled my entire wallet?

Almost 90% of the internet users are well aware about the PayPal and 100% of the International Business men are highly aware about the PayPal. But only a very few are aware about the action rendered by PayPal during the settlement. 339 more words


City Living

It was an especially good market morning this weekend, even if I did wake up late. I finally met Bernadette from River Garden Farm who grew most of these flowers. 216 more words


Write the Right Way

I am all about the themes, so get ready for it; you’re about to get some more turquoise chevron! This time it’s all about the writing process board. 340 more words

Our Philosophy

For over 70 years we have been serving the area of Southwest Michigan, so we might know something or other about customer service and flowers. :) 156 more words

Employee Relationship

From the day 1 of my establishment, I have never treated an employee as an employee. This is one of the most weak segment where I have lost. 240 more words