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I Didn't Marry For Love (Or Companionship)

I didn’t marry for love or companionship. I married for sperm. Because it was easier to make babies and share a lifetime with a stranger than dealing with people asking you repeatedly why you chose to be a single mom with a bottle of baby batter. 291 more words

Silver Lining from Stuart Little by Alan Silvestri

Also ending my Alan Silvestri binge, here is the main theme from Stuart Little. There are some great little moments in this score.

Silver Lining from Stuart Little

Jaw-Dropping Flower Beds Arrangements And Landscape Styles

Flowers and plants have been utilised for centuries to decorate gardens and courtyards. A flower garden is fundamentally any garden where flowers are grown for decorative purposes. 25 more words

The Crystal Chamber from Atlantis by James Newton-Howard

Finally ending my James Newton-Howard binge, here is another nice cue from Atlantis: the Lost Empire.

The Crystal Chamber

A Princess is Born!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been working to set George MacDonald’s The Light Princess to music with narration.  Recently, artist Jay Wegter  111 more words


Silver Comforts Jim from Treasure Planet by James Newton-Howard

This is an obscure track so it’s unlikely anyone will ever benefit from this post, but you never know! If you like this soundtrack like I do, here ya go! 6 more words

Seeking wedding music

Many of you helped me source some arrangements that I needed for a wedding a few years ago. I need your help again for another wedding that I’m playing for at the end of May. 126 more words