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Dear Diary: 19 December - Frustration over Lack of Progress

Even when I was at work on Friday, I couldn’t get the thought of failure out of my mind. I was full of frustration and hatred for the monotone tasks that I have to perform day in, day out, and all for nothing. 557 more words

Mirror, Mirror

Arrogance versus Confidence. A fine line? Really?

For almost a month I have been carrying around a quote which says, “It takes an enormous amount of strength, security and confidence to be humble”. 198 more words

Spiritually Speaking

"Comparison is the Thief of Joy"

The other day I stumbled on this quotation, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt. I looked for context, for the circumstances under which he made such a statement and so far haven’t seen any. 1,091 more words


Is Religion the Fall of Itself?

I sensed it as a new mother.  The religion I left behind before I ever claimed it demanded arrogance.  “The only true religion,” was a phrase I heard in the cradle. 1,381 more words


Salvation is only by God's grace...

Because if you’re smart it’s natural to become arrogant…

And if you’re stupid it’s natural to fall into the ways of the world and subtly be controlled… 30 more words


Some say curiosity kills the cat…I say, it may, but if not handled with care. It is actually important to be curious, for just as necessity is the mother of inventions, I think curiosity is the father. 52 more words


Mark Mitchell MP 100% Vindication for Stupidity

Mark Mitchell, National MP trumpeted that the Sydney seige was a 100% vindication for the anti terror legislation that he was in charge of in New Zealand.   783 more words

John Key