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Pride comes before a fall…




The Throat chakra

The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat and it’s colour association is light blue. The element it’s associated with is sound. 536 more words


The Leading Cause Of Death In The USA Is Not Guns ... It's Abortion , 2700 Daily

Hot Air

  2700 aborted babies a day Progressive’s idea of birth control . Hypocrisy anyone ? The numbers at the link to CDC “only” average two thousand two hundred per day  but even that figure is obscene …


Happy Ignorance

It is a depressing fact of life that we are all ignorant.
Like death and taxes,
ignorance is one of the few certainties in life. 486 more words


Cops and Tow Trucks

Recently my mother bought my son a little toy tow truck. It has become one of his favorite toys. It makes truck noises and sings songs about driving a tow truck. 844 more words


How badly do you want a taco?

Unsavory McCain alliances taint taco fest

Republicans in state Legislative District 28 are in a tough spot.  They have a choice between sending RINOs or a Democrat to the Arizona House of Representatives. 243 more words

Arizona Politics


I use Facebook to vent, possibly too much.

But a “friend” — now un-friended — decided to attack yesterday when I vented.

The purpose of the vent was to air frustration about a certain someone at work, who from the comfort of his rich suburban home, could look at me and give me the “it can happen anywhere” BS when it comes to crime where you live. 966 more words