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How I Deal With Bad Company

T: My friend invited me to have dinner with him and his other friends to celebrate his belated birthday. I don’t have the best history with his other friends, but I wanted to be a good person. 814 more words

Pretending in Leadership

Dan Rockwell, tweeted this a few days ago:

Pretending we know more than we know is one reason we don’t know more.

And that is absolutely true. 

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Personal Musings

Get Rid Of Anger, Fear, and Depression Through The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings Of Breslov

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov tells us that anger is an overbearing obstacle to psycho-spiritual growth and understanding. In Likutey Eitzos (Collected Advice), the Rebbe says: 966 more words

Breslov Woman

Why do people think Asians are arrogant and White men make great leaders?

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday!!! And Happy Thanksgiving.

I wanted to explore the topic of arrogance today–or confidence depending on who you ask. I’ve thought about this issue for quite a while, but never really knew how to best articulate it. 1,156 more words

It's a Pride Thing - A Devotion

Proverbs 16:18-20 (Message)

First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall. It’s better to live humbly among the poor than to live it up among the rich and famous. 1,875 more words


Corpus Christi Cop Fired A Second Time After Assaulting Walmart Customer

Cop Assaults Man For ‘Dangerous’ Wallet, Can’t Understand Why He Got Fired Again

” Anthony Zamora was working security at a Walmart in Corpus Christi, Texas, back in May when he saw a suspicious character who appeared to be carrying an illegal weapon, brazenly and openly.

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He Flatters Himself Too Much

He  Flatters Himself  Too Much

Stubborn pride  and arrogance  have eternally ruined many.     Those  who are proud  and arrogant laugh  at their ability  to put down  other people,  mock them,  and take advantage  of them.     696 more words