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Online Gaming

More and more gamers are playing online.

And that’s cool. With Google Hangouts, Roll20, and other management software, we’ve finally reached an age where it’s far more possible than ever before to recreate the experience of in-person games at a distance. 484 more words

What The Hell

Mirarion Chapter 13

Durenmar remains. It did not fall, or move. The Diedne fundamentally misunderstood the distraction of the Order’s researchers for military ineptitude. House Bonisagus, early in the War, was politically divided, lacked trained soldiers, and had no logistical chain. 1,286 more words

Ars Magica

Mirarion Chapter 12

It was not a glorious day.  My Housemates do not seek glory, but the people asking me to tell this story usually like it. I’ve formed the habit of telling people, in advance, that it was not a heroic test of strength. 1,607 more words

Ars Magica

Day 23 #RPGaDay Coolest looking RPG product/book

Not sure on this one, most of the books are quiet standard in appearance and so forth, however would say that Ars Magica 4th ed does look good to me.


Ars 5e in the wild

I chuckled happily when wandering through the roleplaying section of St Kilda library, and found a copy of Ars Magica 5th edition. Ars is a niche game and not a book I’d expect to see aside Pathfinder, DnD, and some of the other larger games they had. 13 more words


Day 16 #RPGaDay Game you wish you owned

This is an interesting one, as most of the RPG’s I like I have a copy of at least the core rules. However what I think I’d like is more of Ars Magica 4th Edition books


Between Sand and Sea Announced

My newest book has been announced. Check it out here:  http://www.atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG0310.php

That clears the deck for Egypt.


Ars Magica