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Hiatus, Good reads, and D&D 5e

I haven’t had the time lately to keep up with posting on Shadowrun especially on Magic or go through and modify my house rules to take into account the new Magic book. 135 more words

House Rules

Bundle of Holding !

Everyone is out there giving to ALS and you don’t want to Dump a bucket of  Ice water on your head ? But you still want to do your part and give to Charity?  78 more words

Tabletop Role-playing Game

#RPGaDAY 20: Ars Magica, Fudge, & Primetime Adventures

I’m a bit of a neophile when it comes to RPGs, and there are only so many hours in a week, so no promises that I’ll be playing… 303 more words


Mirarion : Chapter 9

Scipia found me before dawn. She saw my new leg, but didn’t realize it was permanent. She was waiting for the day, for my wound to open. 1,938 more words

Ars Magica

#RPGaDAY 18: Over the Edge

I’m an RPG hacker, tinkerer, and designer. Most RPG systems have at least some appeal to me, and tons of systems have bits of them that are my favorite implementation of that bit. 1,067 more words


#RPGaDAY 12: Four Colors al Fresco

Well, there’s “still play”, and then there’s “still play”. The oldest published RPG I have played recently is probably The Shadow of Yesterday (we’re playing it now). 258 more words


Back in the old days when Ars Magica v3 was new I think the rules for Wizard’s Wars stipulated that both parties had to agree to the conflict. 422 more words