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#RPGaDAY 12: Four Colors al Fresco

Well, there’s “still play”, and then there’s “still play”. The oldest published RPG I have played recently is probably The Shadow of Yesterday (we’re playing it now). 258 more words


Back in the old days when Ars Magica v3 was new I think the rules for Wizard’s Wars stipulated that both parties had to agree to the conflict. 422 more words


Transformation into Gargantuan Creatures, Part Five. Cheating MR

The rant I wrote at the introduction to this series has been bothering me a little. The Ars Magica rules are fair and reasonable, and solid in terms of they’ve not had a large degree of change since the very early days in terms of how Magical Resistance (a.k.a. 613 more words


Mirarion : Chapter 8

I awoke. It was dark outside, but Decimata stood near my feet. A semblance of a candle flame hovered over her left shoulder. There was another spell also: I could see the curve of its circumference on the floor. 499 more words

Ars Magica

Disguise of the Mischievous Doppelganger

Another quick transformation effect, this time to duplicate the appearance of a specific person. There are those times when a general spell for altering your appearance isn’t going to be accurate enough. 326 more words


New Ars Target: Pair

Sharing the concept of Pair – as created by Erik Tyrrell in the Ars Magica forums, a new Target for Ars Magica could be “discovered” as Pair. 234 more words


Mirarion: Chapter 7

I did not know where I was, but a pale face loomed huge above me, its eyes pools of shadow. I screamed and smashed it with my fist. 1,594 more words

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