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Ars Magica - German Timeline 1220-1231

I was asked a long time ago, when I mentioned that I include timelines in my Ars Magica adventures, to post some online. Below the fold is cut-n-paste from an adventure set in what  7,393 more words

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Ars Magica - Timekeeping

So, although I don’t run a campaign right now, my favorite roleplaying game for the past decade has been Atlas Games’s Ars Magica. I started playing it when the Fourth Edition was free, and now I’m deep into the weeds in the Fifth Edition. 1,047 more words

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Welcome to Unserious Gaming, a (as of this post) new blog about roleplaying games!

Soon this blog will be filled with the stories of my gaming group, which doesn’t have a name because we’re not cool or nerdy (pick one) enough to nickname ourselves. 69 more words

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Referee's Bookshelf: Realms of Power Series for 5th Edition Ars Magica

So, as mentioned I’ve been running some Ars Magica for the Monday evening group, and after the first block of sessions I’m now looking at preparation for the next set. 2,586 more words

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The Wild Things, The Kith of the Elven Folk

I’m off on paternity leave, but I just struck a wonderful faerie description in a story by Lord Dunsany and wanted to share.

So evensong was held, and candles lighted, and the lights through the windows shone red and green in the water, and the sound of the organ went roaring over the marshes.

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