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On War : Clausewitz and Mythic Europe

I recently finished recording the final volume of On War by Carl von Clausewitz for Librivox. Librivox recordings are legally available for free, and are in the public domain so you can reuse them for other projects. 453 more words

Ars Magica

Conjure the Orb of Sunshine

Here is another spell for Ars Magica, to create a portable non-flammable light. The spell was created because my current character in a play-by-post game needs a way reliably have light around him instead of carrying torches, and I intend later to create a permanent magical device which casts this effect. 161 more words


This is a quick aside to point out a clever idea that came up on the ArsMagica forums this week, apparently an old one, but new to me. 393 more words


A spell to practice Finesse or Concentration

From a question I asked on the Ars Magica forums, on how Magi might proactive their Finesse skill without taking risks with powerful magic. The simple answer which I think most saga use is that the Magus sits there using very low power magic effects to spin rocks or some such. 364 more words


A quick spell - The Chirurgeon's Healing Circle

Just a quick spell that will be included in a summary of a powerful healer in Ars Magica. This is a quick reworking of the default healing spell from the core rulebook, so that everyone with a drawn circle can be healed a body level, not just one person. 116 more words


Tricky uses for Imagonem magic in Ars Magica

In previous games my Magi have used Imagonem magic with Ring durations to remove or alter the image of a wall, thus creating magical windows. In an expansion source book a sample spell does this exact effect too, which was a nice nod of the head to the Ars players who had been using this trick. 1,028 more words


Sub Rosa Issue 14 review

Sub Rosa is a darn good, and perhaps the only English fan magazine for the Ars Magica roleplaying game.

Overall: It is again excellent. 497 more words