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How I was Inspired to make art by a Bus Driver

*This is a True Story.  It is Book One of a Three Part Journey that took place in Seattle, Washington.  “Bus Fumes” is by K.J.Legry (Dedicated to Atti & Z) 8 more words



Frühere Arbeiten mit Photographie

Meat studies // Kødundersøgelser


First Sketch of V

Here’s my first sketch of V from a picture I took over my birthday weekend. She’s so content in Grandma’s comfy and loving arms. :) This is my first post via iPhone, too! 12 more words


Gazing at Flowers

for #paintseptember day 16
‘Gazing at Flowers': black pigment liner 0.2, water colours


5 Minute Cities Revisited

It’s been a while since I made one of these. Past entries in this series are here and here. As the linked YouTube tutorial from the first post explains, you can make these in 5 minutes. 141 more words


8th Annual Manifesto Festival Art Show

RVCA presents the 8th annual Manifesto Festival art show. This time around the show features a ton of amazing components including the legendary Los Angeles based tattoo and graffiti artist… 42 more words



I’ve been trying to get into the habit of drawing but as usual, achieving most or any goals that I have continue to evade me. HOWEVER, if I think back to the fact that I’ve gone from never drawing at all to completing a few small sketches here and there, it’s a vast improvement. 184 more words