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The Art of Wind - How Kinetic Artist Established One of The Most Promising Startups in The World

“The focus of our company has really been the merging of art and energy together.”  This is what Jay Moskowitz, the president and CEO of Peerless Wind Systems, said in an interview. 241 more words

Art And Business

How to marry business and art?

My good friend Tristan once told me one day that I inherited from the business mind of my dad and the artistic sense of my mom. 466 more words

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YouTube Art Channels You Should Know About

If you ask yourself how to understand art I can offer different ways and among those is of course education. Art is a world one can understand better with knowledge, understanding of the artist’s mind, the historical context, the motivations and more. 151 more words

Art And Business

How Apple Uses Picasso’s Drawings to Teach its Employees About Design

Apple is with no doubt one of the best companies in the world not only from a business perspective but also from a design perspective. Apple has been leading the market with unique and simple design for the last 3 decades and probably will continue doing so. 190 more words

Art And Business

Finance classes more useful in my situation than Art?

This post minorly goes over what I got out of comparing and contrasting the courses I wanted to take as versus the courses I thought I should take.  1,140 more words



All right,

So I was up last night listing the classes I’d need if I wanted to become a professional Jewelry Designer.  What I found is 1) I don’t need an Art Certificate (which majorly covers breadth of exposure, not mastering any skills in any one medium); 2) I will find Digital Photography and Contemporary Color necessary, and may have to retake classes in the Photoshop series if allowed (or hey, just subscribe to Photoshop CC, buy a book or three on it, and mess around with it); 3) unless I go into business as an entrepreneur, I probably won’t need the Accounting series. 499 more words


Why Entrepreneurs Are The Artists of The Business World?

“Entrepreneurs are the artists of the business world” says Kevin Daum, a theater graduate, entrepreneur and author. In his article for JOURNAL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY, Mr. 177 more words

Art And Business