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Famous Artists on Twitter and Instagram

As we all know, the social media is big part of everyone’s life. You can find some inspiration and discover the artists’ point of view via these social media tools. 54 more words

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Why the Future of Innovation Belongs to Artists?

The word “creativity” is used over and over again in the context of innovation. If you type the search word “innovation” in Google Books, you will get more than 6.5 million books that deal with the topic. 252 more words

Art And Business

Why Should You Hire Artists to Your Company?

The search for the creative, innovative, and thinking out of the box employees has increased within companies. An interesting trend, appearing especially in tech companies, is the increase of creative people such as artists and designers as the new employees.  126 more words

Art And Business

Creativity and Business Come Together : LAUNCH! Duchamp in the Office

NYC’s largest art show – the Armory Show – opened this week, exhibiting works by modern and contemporary artists from around the world.  The Show began in 1913 and gave Americans their first view of modern art by the likes of Cezanne and Matisse. 293 more words


David Zwirner was on Charlie Rose

David Zwirner was recently on Charlie Rose talking about art, business and selling minimalism. Above is a clip from the show or you can click here for the full episode.


New Museum Incubator is now accepting applications!

In previous post I wrote about the New Museum incubator for art, technology and design which will be opening in the summer of 2014. This week, the new incubator, which will called NEW INC, published request calling for startups to apply. 221 more words

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What Contemporary Art Can Teach CEO's

Before reading this interview by Andrew M. Goldstein, published at ArtSpace, I thought to myself: how can CEOs and managers learn from Contemporary Art? This interview with entrepreneur Dana Beth Ardi deals with collecting art and building a collection, but more importantly it presents the opportunity for CEOs to learn from Art in order to deal with a complex world and a more human focused environment. 19 more words

Art And Business