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at the movies: the hobbit: battle of five armies

This movie presented this reviewer with a tidy ethical dilemma. Regular readers know I saw the first two installments in the interminable Hobbit trilogy in the theater (in 3D) and wrote about them here, so I felt some obligation to complete the sequence. 588 more words

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50 Reasons Why Living In Saudi Arabia Is Awesome.

Despite Saudi Arabia being called the last forbidden kingdom, there are certain attributes beyond the controversies which can be enjoyed only in Saudi Arabia alone. Here are 50 reasons why living in Saudi Arabia is unlike any other country: 697 more words


Right now. Every Now.

Some days it seems like it’ll never end. Like there’s just too much to do.

The reality of the situation is, you’ll never be finished. If you finish all the work you’ve got to do, you’ll find more to do. 31 more words


Love and Appreciation from Wall Street Chinese!

Christmas and New Year is around the corner!  I want to share what I learned from 2014:  LOVE and APPRECIATION.

I was asked often what Wall Street Chinese do, I often reply : teaching Chinese! 217 more words

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Wanting More

It all comes down to this
One crazy night, one day
At the end of it all
It all came down to this.
And i can’t believe i let myself go. 79 more words


Afghanistan and its gastronomic stories untold

If a cuisine could have a poignant edge, Afghan cuisine for me takes the knife. The aromas, the cooking style, the presentation- everything about their food scream out untold stories of the people living in those borders. 343 more words