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3D Design- Ideas

Using the research as my inspiration I came up with 6 ideas.

Idea 1

My first idea was an LED ring. The target audience for this ring was women, as it’s the gem which is the light. 715 more words

Art And Design

Scanner Alchemy

Artist-photographer Nathaniel Stern is an inventor and a bit of an alchemist. Over the last ten years he has created and employed several iterations of underwater digital scanners to produce his remarkable work. 105 more words

Art And Design

Amazing Wall Art!!

So I was just flicking through Facebook when I found this little Web link advertising 3D wall art, so I decided to take a look, and some of the ideas I found truely are amazing!!! 119 more words

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Female elf Study

Recently i’ve gotten into digital sculpture. I’ve created a new page Digital Sculpture under Graphic Design, so make sure you check for updates.


Fifty Shards: Confirming England's fascination with the weather

Day Thirty-three and Thirty-four: See peoples? This is what you call weather. And the proof of it is in the photo. A morning of crystal clarity then a torrent of wind and rain. 70 more words


Fred Lyon

There’s a new book that’s just been released of Fred Lyon’s black and white work entitled San Francisco: Portrait of a City 1940-1960. In it you will find some of the most emblematic post-war photography around, as well as a portrait history of the city of San Francisco. 49 more words

Art And Design

Textile Landscapes by Ana Teresa Barboza

I know I’ve posted her work before but I felt these needed an article of their own! I love how they pour out of the circular frames, almost as though they’re inviting us in to the embroidered landscapes she has created, and I just can’t get over the level of detail and tiny stitches of colour! 6 more words