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Framing My View

Phenomenology and constructionism are two outlooks for understanding and describing human experience in ways that can help humans (especially educators, designers, and makers) shape a better/more purposeful future. 544 more words

Education Research

*SnapShot Series* Photographer Simon Bernhardt's Gateway Exhibition.

Sydney based photographer Simon Bernhardt has never been one to beat around the bush or hide behind smoke and mirrors. He likes things raw and he likes them candid. 439 more words

Art And Photography

A sprinkle of diamonds...

It was as if all the leaves on this  plant had been sprinkled with loose diamonds….the green leaves were all shimmery and glistening with tiny diamonds it seemed. 23 more words


New Digital Series: Thru the Net

For the past few months I’ve been reading Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time with a friend. What’s fascinated me is how revolutionary his idea of being-in-the-world really is—not just vis-à-vis the philosophical tradition but even now, both philosophically and in our “everyday world” assumptions. 25 more words

Art And Photography

Strolling on a sunday...

It rained most of the weekend, but with a break in the weather on sunday afternoon, it was time for a walk along the coastal walkway and stretch the legs. 13 more words


Composition: Breaking the rules

When reading about composition in art and photography one comes across rules and often we are told that we need to know them in order to break them.   178 more words