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Cold fusion and graduate school

My first computer was an Apple Macintosh SE. I bought it in 1987 to help with my school work. It had 2 3.5″ floppy disk drives, no hard disk, 1 MB of RAM, and a processor running at a whopping 8 MHz (yes, that is M: 8 MILLION per second!). 827 more words

Career Paths

Birthday check-in

I turned 54 today. It was a nice day: I got up early, as I often do these days, and started my day with sitting meditation followed by tai chi as the morning light appeared. 579 more words

Art And Science

Art of Atlanta’s Science Festival

During the last week of March, more than one hundred events took place in what was Atlanta’s first Science Festival. The program was enriched with diverse collaborations between scientists and local as well as national artists. 250 more words

Art And Sci

Next ArtSci Salon: Culture + Genes Wed. April 23, @ Fields

Culture + Genes

When: Wednesday April 23, 6:30-8:30

Where: The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences 222 College Street, Toronto

Geneticist Rabia Khan and interdisciplinary artist Omar Estrada will explore the intersections between Culture and Genetics: how do we (or can we) tell apart nature and nurture? 118 more words

Science and Art Commission

Outstanding opportunity to **write your own brief** as artist/curator in residence at the new Labs block (incorporating Pathology, Genetics, Microbiology and Blood Science) on the New South Glasgow Hospitals site.

Science and Art Commission.


Frog on Friday

Thorny tree frog
in resplendent pink and yellow,
hale evergreen monarch.

Hat tip to A striking new species of phytotelm-breeding tree frog (Anura: Rhacophoridae) from central Vietnam (CC-Attribution),

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