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At an Intersection of Art and Science

Perhaps it is simply best to say click the link, or even the picture above.

Suffice to say, what you are looking at is not a real photograph of a real organism, but, rather, a real photograph of a real model created using 3D printing technology. 58 more words


From the Archives: A chat with Caroline Bailey

Circa. April 2014. Here’s a piece I wrote about one of my fellow classmates, Caroline Bailey.

Every February, Skidmore’s Schick Art Gallery transforms into a menagerie of student artwork. 982 more words

transdisciplinarians convene in turkey

This summer (2014) I had an adventure of a lifetime attending the Third International Conferecne on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture: Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics in Istanbul, Turkey. 310 more words

Public Scholarship

My New Leather Balls

I realized that I might be able to attract a new audience through internet searches on this one, but if you aren’t interested in baseball, math, or leatherwork, you may be disappointed! 763 more words

The Best Things In Life

Cadillac's Cut-and-Sewn Interiors!

Cadillac is the only full-line automaker constructing all of its models’ interiors via Cut-and-Sew, a technique combining the precision of advanced technology with the care of hand craftsmanship in which materials for major interior components are literally joined by hand stitching. 210 more words


The Chasm Between Humans and Robots

Scientists nowadays are hard at work to replicate the sensitivity of human touch in robots. Called haptics, this area of science strives to create robots that exhibit high-tech perception that’s on par with human mechanoreceptors. 329 more words