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Contextual Studies 2014/15

Pinterest is the way I am keeping my contextual at the moment and in a folder that contains articles and interviews by artists and writers.I have a lot more work too do on my contextual to get it up to speed with my project.


Neighborhood Gopher Tortoise Colony

Turtles and tortoises are found in the fossil record going back as far as 250+ million years. That’s a very long history in terms of a species’ time in existence on this planet. 852 more words

Looks like I could use some new watercolor paint...

I have yet to invest in some quality watercolor paints. These are at least 5 years old! Any suggestions for what kind of paint I should upgrade to? Comment below!


Weekly sketchbook update #1

This is my first addition to my weekly sketchbook update. On this series of posts you will see my sketchbook on a week to week update. 65 more words

Fine Art

Experimenting with segregated art work.

This evening I decided to create some art work. I thought I would reflect on what I’ve learnt today and different motifs that I’ve discovered from artists Gerhad Richter and David Hockney. 299 more words


David Hockney no.1

Every Tuesday afternoon we meet as a group to discuss the works of David Hockney and touch upon some of his concepts. During this weeks session we looked at the way David Hockney breaks down the landscapes that he’s looking at in order to recreate them in his own . 288 more words


Deshinabu Yoru

There are a lot of unique people in this world. I find they are the ones I’m drawn to most when I need motivation to draw. 71 more words

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