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New Photographs of Painting 'Iceland Poppy Mix' and Art on Duvet Covers!

Back in the Studio

It feels great to finally be settled enough in my new home to be able to dedicate time to painting again. 277 more words

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Alex Roulette combines incredible technique and subtle storytelling in his paintings.


Art business

If the hypermodern age of capitalism, which is the world for nearly three decades, is the planetarization and financialisation, deregulation and outgrowth of its operations, is also the one that is marked by another kind of inflation aesthetics inflation. 456 more words

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US - Event Booklet

Hey peeps

As part of the event i had to design a Information InformationBooklet (Click to see)

This might also give some insight about the event to you guys!


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US - Space Website

Prepare your butts for a upload spree!

First of all is my Solar System based assignments, which feature a website and a video.

First of all is the website, shown below. 14 more words

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Art: Mercedes Helwein

LA/Ireland based Mercedes Helwein is the true definition of the modern day Polymath; an artist/writer/filmmaker.

I came across Mercedes Helwein by chance on Twitter last week and am so glad I did. 181 more words

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Book Club for the Art Enthusiast

As the writer of State of the Art, a column that discusses exhibit openings, art in the news or art history subjects, it might not surprise you that I was an Art History major in college and that I have a passion for the arts. 210 more words

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