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In Advance of the 2014 Summer Collection

This an early piece that has never been on the web. It now resides in Arlington, Virginia. 6 more words

Art Brut

8/20/14. I drew these looking out the window at Starbucks. I was not in the mood to be all fancy and realistic because I was not feeling it and wanted to do raw stuff based on shapes and colors. 26 more words

A Flower a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist Away

Yes, doing artwork is good therapy…..for me at least.  It gave me a reason to live, when depression was clouding my perceptions as to the quality of my life.   162 more words

Goodbye girl

Not many words today.

Giving love.

Witnessing the power of showing up. Trusting the universe is full and abundant.

And feeling so loved.


Munbai map [recycled art]

While my transfer in Munbai from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 was a bit hectic, with a security luggage scan before boarding a shuttle that would drive us to outside the terminal [next to slums that seemed to have direct access to the runways of the airport!), the brand new Terminal 2 was impressive as well as efficient as I went through security and passport controls quite quickly. 64 more words


One Struggle Many Fronts 3/28/14

I am very proud to have been part of this exhibit.

Sorry for the late post.




Литания против страха

отрывок из “Дюны” Фрэнка Герберта на бедре