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My First Animated Short

An amazing challenge, and amazing outcome. Enjoy this little piece- All art and camera work was done by me in one week. Special thanks to Sam Keeble for be the voice of the film. 7 more words


More on the Drought

Disturbing signs of life and death in this small portion of paradise.

Remember that lush photo of the elderberry tree with flower and immature fruit. 488 more words

Psi Keep Center For The Arts

Wild Fire

The sky has darkened and the dragon is loose on the land.

The wildfire coming west of Lake Berryessa ran north by east smoking up the corridor where on a clear day from the porch at PsiKeep you can see the sun flashing off of the waters of Lake Berryessa.  935 more words

Psi Keep Center For The Arts

Back in the Studio


Hurray!  It’s back into the pottery studio after a two week break.  I have some new ideas and several things I want to try, like this… 43 more words


360: Proposal Structure

This proposal was very similar to the other three examples given to view as I’m sure with others in the field. This is because of the structured guidelines developed by the… 339 more words

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Griffins and Mandelbrot for the Header Image

Apollo pulls the sun across the heavens with a chariot drawn by griffins.
The griffin is a composite of an eagle and a lion. 417 more words

Psi Keep Center For The Arts