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The ART of Collecting ART – building a great collection

First off, I am no authority on collecting fine art but I admire beautiful paintings and would like expert advice on how to build a worthwhile collection.  

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Awesomely Cheap (or Cheaply Awesome?) Art

I have such a fun art secret to share! Not a secret, I guess, but something new to me that I loved so much. My friend… 852 more words

Free Advice

Art/Lifestyle/Collecting: The ART of BUYING 

Herb & Dorothy
(2008) Directed by Megumi Sasaki proves that you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to collect Art. 358 more words

New small oil painting, "Sun" Completed!

A few weeks ago I got my butt back into the studio and started painting. It must have been the right decision because the resulting painting came out super easy and smooth. 87 more words


A Jewish New Yorker's Artwork Dilemma

This lifelong New Yorker has recently started collecting art – but I had no idea that my new passion would bring me moral dilemmas. I am not talking about the sort of… 399 more words


The sub-series that occur within my work take place over an expanse of time, and they give me the opportunity to explore images, marks, and art historical themes that are of interest to me. 125 more words

Abstract Painting

The 1st Collector's Night

Pablo Gallery recently launched a series of monthly talks that is hoped to create a more meaningful engagement between the public and the art community. Starting off with Collector’s Night where art collectors, curators, artists, designers, writers, esteemed experts in conservation and museum stewardship are invited to talk about their collection and the impetus for such. 305 more words