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Just One Word on Wordless Wednesday


That’s it. Just one word. Though it pains me greatly to say no more, if it’s Wednesday, it must be wordless. Those are the rules, and sometimes I play by them.  53 more words

Art + Photo

Repost: Five Street Artists to Invest In

Check out this article: Five Street Artists To Invest In according to Art Finder. Artists mentioned include: Beejoir, Shepard Fairey, Cyclops, Eine and A.CE.

I currently have three of these artists on my radar. What do you think?

Street Art

A Ghostly Image.

This group of paintings are united by collaged images of people pulled from books, magazines, and cards. I often use collage in my work, and sometimes when I include an image of a person I will bury the image in a cloud of colour or line. 67 more words

Abstract Painting

The Subtle Mysteries of George Rouault

Religious themes have always had their place in the arts. But often the grand themes that religion and philosophy present have the tendency to push the artist to create complicated and bloated pieces. 301 more words

Ackerman's Fine Art

"The Bamboula Dance: Dance of Freedom, Dance of Identity"

The Bamboula is a dance, music and drumming tradition brought to the Caribbean by enslaved Africans. The art form is a dramatic dance of rebellion and determination. 120 more words

Art Collecting

Collecting Eye Candy for Inspiration—and Fun

Eye Candy. It was the way I described San Francisco, the first time I was there. Later, it was my vision of Austin, the first time I visited, and ever after since living here. 177 more words

Art + Photo

"Hello Neighbour"

On a hillside covered in human skulls a man clutches his bowler hat  holding what appears to be a skull in his  right hand. He is slyly greeting a man wading across a toxic river  who is unsuspectingly tipping his pointy hat. 71 more words