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One truly unforgettable thing I have picked up over this last year is dancer Fashion. It is universally understood, or nearly at least, that “normal” people are required to match the colors in one part of an outfit with another part of their outfit while making sure not to wear anything so outrageous it can be considered a costume. 268 more words

Art Community

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

From Beth

This has been quite a week. I have been nominated for the Maude Morgan award at The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston, it is a great honor. 484 more words

Ma 間 (2014)

Exploring white space/negative space in this painting.  I tend to use lots of color and a wide palette.  But it felt good to embrace the sort of stark, distinctive look of the limited colors at play in this piece.

Giving Away Art for the Love of Sharing Art!

I came across this little video on the internets about a former Steelers Running Back Baron Bach creating and giving away his art. What really hit me was how much he thought it through before he started. 45 more words


Figurative Study, 9-20-2014

From this morning’s life drawing session with the Grand Valley Artists group.


Watercolor and birds

It looks like this is the Summer of watercolor for me! It’s really surprising since I always had a little prejudice against watercolor, imagining ruffly doilies and pink roses and other old lady things (much appologies to ladies who do like those things, its just not my cuppa tea). 73 more words


BIG NEWS! I am now a RAW Artist!

I just got the news that I have been accepted as a featured artist in Nashville’s RAW Art show! I am beyond excited to have such a great opportunity.  213 more words