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The Ways of Seeing (part one)

Watching John Berger’s Ways of Seeing  for the first time was a life-changing experience for me. It changed the way I viewed and analysed art. Now I have found the whole series on vimeo and have decided to dedicated some posts to the John Berger’s Series. 50 more words

Artists And Artworks

01/26/15-01/30/15 Review and Insect Project

This week has been a little off in terms of the semester schedule. I’ve had a cold this week which forced me to stay home a couple of days. 178 more words

Color Theory

How to Write About Contemporary Art: Momus

It’s probably not cool to have my first post be a publication of someone else’s work;  but I can’t help it. This is my  favourite piece of short writing I have ever found. 33 more words

Andrew Berardini

This is a story of the last time I saw something really beautiful in a gallery

It isn’t simple, conjuring up the rare intensity of falling into art that sucks you completely in, feels in the moment transformative, but which then, in a bookshelved coffee shop filled with light, white cups, and Australians, dissipates into the triviality of blogging about art after the fact. 313 more words

The Big Bang of Conceptual Art [Why People Hate Conceptual Art: Part 4]

A little reflecting on art history can help make the problem of the opposition of conceptual and visual art abundantly clear. As all students of art history know, Marcel Duchamp kicked off the conceptual art ball rolling when he tried to exhibit a urinal as a sculpture in an art exhibit put on by “The Society of Independent Artists” in 1917. 4,322 more words


Tell It Like It Is: Novice Art Blogger

In the here and now, to whom do we turn for the enhancement of our interpretation and evaluation of art? When a living and breathing contemporary equivalent to John Ruskin, Roger Fry and Clement Greenberg yields no comparable results, suffice it to say that the art critic as he was once unmistakably known is now irrevocably brown bread (dead). 410 more words



“It” being to write about art without tediously reciting what the art is made of, what the art looks like and what we supposedly feel about the art, and using plain English without resorting to pretentious, empty language. 514 more words