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Pop Quiz - Art Lecture, 101.

The following poem is written in the form of a quiz or examination. The poem seeks to deconstruct the construction of definitions of art. In defining art to be one thing or another, we frequently neglect different areas of art and artistic experiences. 151 more words

Experimental Writing

Comparison: Luciano Fabro, Pavimento Tautolgia & Angnes Martin, Night Sea

Agnes Martin was considered an abstract expressionist painter.  The painting Night Sea validates this as the only colors she uses are blue and white on a gridded paper, a very minimalist approach. 341 more words


Duchamp's Fountain

Marcel Duchamp, The Fountain, 1917

Jesus: This is arguably one of the most famous pieces of Dadaist art. Duchamp was the pioneer of the ready-made art form. 227 more words

Live! Art History for Artists, Animators, and Gamers

I’ve started the Coursera course ‘Live! Art History for Artists, Animators, and Gamers’ this week.

I’m excited to learn more about the history of art, and the various ways of seeing the world that artists have explored through the centuries. 677 more words

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