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New Logo Design - LYNCO

A friend of mine is redoing their corporate identity and logo. They are a contractor that does lots of things, such as street sweeping and snow removal. 163 more words

Art & Design

Cut Paper Floral Design

Using construction paper and an Xacto knife.

Art & Design

your creative ideas are not original

Even if you think your creative ideas are original, you’re wrong. Your creativity is a mash-up of everything, or at least some things, that came before. 447 more words

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Finished abstract ink drawing "Orion Star"

Detail shot is the very dense layers of ink lines in the center figure. The true aqua blue ink hue of the center was impossible to capture with the camera. 59 more words


red life, dreaming nights

Bonington, Sunset in the Pays de Caux, 1828, watercolour. Wallace Collection, London. Image source: WGA
Delacroix praised his long dead friend Bonington’s “astonishing ability”, “that  lightness of touch which, especially in watercolors, makes his works a type of diamond which flatters and ravishes the eye, independently of any subject and any imitation.” [1] 1,845 more words

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My Art Tools

I’m a staunch believer that the tools don’t make the artist, and that any true artist can make ANYTHING that is available to them work. My favorite examples of this are  590 more words