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E-Book Review: TENUGI (Japanese Hand Towels)

TENUGI (Japanese Hand Towels), an e-book published by Airy Rhyme, Inc., is one of a series of e-books about traditional Japanese culture. The series aims to introduce traditional items and skills deeply rooted in Japan, and so far consists of three titles: … 448 more words


Beautiful mirror mosaic creates optical illusions

French designer Arnaud Lapierre has created a mesmerizing installation titled “Trippy”. He created it by arranging pieces of mirrored cubes in a circular layout. This created a mosaic optical illusions of the surroundings. 25 more words

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Distorted Portraits Hand-Printed In A Homemade Photo Booth

In the age of laser cutters and 3D printers, some artists might be better off disguising themselves as machines in the hopes of making a few quick bucks. 83 more words

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So what's my plan?

The importance of strategy.

It’s not often I jump in the car and start driving without a plan of how to get there. Ok, sometimes, I think I remember the way to go to get to such and such but I forget and after a few wrong turns finally end up at the right place. 234 more words

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small moments...

This image is one of my favorite memories of my whole summer. My husband, Jeff came out on the porch with coffee and his guitar. He strummed. 82 more words

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In Memory of World War 1, 100 Years Ago.

So today is the orthodox historical date for the opening of World War 1, the first world war of our epoch as we know/found it and generally remember, apparently provoked by an incident one month prior on 28th June 1914 with the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo. 5,653 more words

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Artists PHILIP HARE and LAURA DIVILIO dressed as shrubs for this weekend’s FIGMENT TORONTO FESTIVAL.  Their project – ‘Bush Verite’ – allowed the public to engage, first time ever, with bushes.

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