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Last update for the night - ripples

Here’s one more update for the night. I’m working on the ripples in the water. I’m making it as if the girl had just tossed a small pebble, or stick into the water before her. 88 more words

Digital Art

Back to working on the birch forest scene

Okay, now that “Autumn Glory” is completed, it’s time to finish my birch forest scene. I’m detailing the whole lot of birch trees. It’s very tedious, but this is a patience builder so I’m quite at ease with it. 86 more words


Embellishing a giclee print: Part II (video)

Here, I am applying ECO Elegance embellishing gel to a giclee print of my triptych painting, “Autumn Glory.” The embellishing gel goes on milky white, but then it is crystal clear when dry.   15 more words

Traces of hazelnuts. Ink 15x20cm

What does that warning on a product that even remotely has to do with the recipe? Would operators eat snacks and shed their crumbs? Perhaps they don’t cleaning the pots between meals? 145 more words


Deafness. Oil 30x40cm

If ants don’t cry then they would be agree. If fishes have no tears then they would be happy.

- Don’t be wrong. If you don’t hear us doesn’t mean that we’re singing. 35 more words


Fairy Things. Pencil 13x20

- She’s friend of mine and neither.

- Yes!


Continuing work on "Birch Forest" (temp. title)

Here, I’m showing my continued work on my birch forest scene. I’ve laid in the brambly area next to the girl. There’s a lot of bushy foliage there with twigs, sticks and branches. 162 more words