There’s an old saying that I often hear yet dismiss as quickly as it has been uttered from someones lips, “Practice makes Perfect.”

Yet when I think about it, sometimes, it really does. 144 more words


St Louis Creative Services

Creative Services in Saint Louis Missouri
We write, draw, paint, produce and edit!

We are a full service creative advertising agency offering a variety of cost efficient solutions and strategies for your marketing and advertising.  31 more words


Literary Sustenance

Classic novels have found their way into our books of choice, must be the long weekend, a chance to take time to get onto a more substantial literary journey. 102 more words


Story telling: The Video way

We often think of Fashion as a way to tell our own story. To feel special and unique and to be able to communicate who we are by the way we wear clothes but the truth is that when we pick a garment from hundreds of others, we are subconsciously choosing someone else’s story to tell too. 772 more words

Art Direction

McDonald's Print Ad 2

Target: College Students
“Free WiFi Campaign”

Grace Chon Teases Twins

Grace Chon is a lifestyle photographer who has a heart for animals in need. Her adorable rescue dog Zoey teamed up with his little human brother Jasper for Chon to have a little fun with ‘twinsies’. 159 more words