Collaboration + Integrity: A joint effort produces strong messaging for an activist photographer

A few years ago, an activist photographer was working with a web designer to develop a website for his new business, Crazy Dog Photography.

He asked me to come up with some language to introduce his work, which ranged from shooting LGBT weddings to Pride Parades to legislative sessions to events. 49 more words


Royal Purple

The best art direction is the one that is worn.

Or fashion.

Pastels look the best on black skin: purple, powder blue, pink, white, peach, orange, gold, bronze, and even black.

And what lies beneath.


Voyeurism + Shared Experience: A movie tagline plays up what the audience already knows

I have a terrible memory for my own personal history, but I think I was a freshman in high school when Romeo+Juliet came out. I was a huge lit nerd even then, so I loved Shakespeare, and I remember feeling distinctly ambivalent about the modern take on the tragic tale. 163 more words


Utility Crew Member

Well folks I am happy to announce that I have been casted in a full length feature film! Although, I cannot say what film it is nor can I divulge the character I am playing, I will say that it is shaping up to be a great film. 374 more words

Pricing + Perspective: A social take on why the cheap seats offer more

The concept for this imagined ad for Lyric Opera of Chicago arose when I came across a striking photo of an opulent theater interior.

The rich colors provide a strong sense of place, but I couldn’t help but notice how far away the stage seemed from the mezzanine seats in the back. 72 more words


Mexican standoff

Had this idea of creating this almost “The Searchers” classic type image with a twist with this guy standing in what’s left of his house, I think the aliens have picked on the wrong guy.