Estas fotografías son de una sesión realizada en el Sanatorio de Cesuras (Galicia).  Se trata de un edificio de estilo Art Nouveau proyectado entre los años 1922 y 1924 por el arquitecto Rafael Antonio González Villar. 94 more words


Scrap Gatherers

slight colour variation on the facebook one. ship needs more detail, but as a idea I kind of like it. maybe something to work on later . 6 more words

The Corrupted Prince

Painted this one tonight, had a busy day rendering and just wanted to paint and get away from mental ray and 3d. This kind of stuff helps me switch off. 25 more words

Poster Fun for #AGDA

Some posters I whipped up ages ago. Our beloved art director tore up my original sketches and made me push myself and it turned out pretty fun! 6 more words


6 Use unqualified people

Asked a lot of people walking along my street to help me fix the pantry door before a Criminology student took me up on the offer.


"Breakfast Of Champions"

Last Friday I posted this pic on Instagram:

It’s a shard of colored plexi that I literally picked up in the middle of a dirty NYC street. 235 more words