Merry Christmas !

So a big thank you to all the 100+ people who have followed me in my first year on my blog, its been a constant amazement to me the kind comments and support you have given me, and in this first year of me going solo its meant a great deal. 24 more words

Production week 4

This week the group started filming ,having booked the conference room for a total of four hours they had ample time to gain coverage. before filming took place they put everything in order the group they worked to achieve the lighting style required for the film using the correct health and safety methods used in the risk assessment for when the cameras and other equipment were booked out on. 242 more words

Art Direction

Production Week 3

In the third week of production the group had to demonstrate , the ability to advertise the film , this was done with the group having each person doing their own individual role. 214 more words

Art Direction

Fill Her Up!

sketched this out last night, to kind of tie into the last one, had the idea of the gas station in Nevada, and the guy comes out to see what all the noise is, obviously looking the other way:) 6 more words