To some, this might come across as shamelessly cliche. But I really love this ad. Snickers has been really successful in a lot of their campaigns especially in areas where the inject wicked humour. 7 more words


Pacific Horticulture this Fall

Another issue of Pacific Horticulture magazine hits the racks.

The lamps shown on the cover are shaded with pages from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstien.

Who knew gardening could be so spooky…and beautiful at the same time. 38 more words

Rosenkranz Productions

Who the who is Shelly?

This about sums up my love for the big J.

My income might not be disposable enough for me to even window shop there- moving house and setting up shop ain’t cheap- but my love will never sway. 33 more words


Noomi Rapace

I enjoyed Noomi Rapace’s performance in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Scott’s direction and visual flair were excellent… as always.

Not much more to it than that.


Dior - Addict

This film for Dior’s Addict fragrance is directed by the cult filmmaker Harmony Korine (he wrote the hard-hitting ‘Kids’, if you weren’t aware) and features music by none other than local favourites (or not least-favourites, depending on who you ask) Die Antwoord. 17 more words

Art Direction