Listerine, Tenerife shoot

Production design for Listerine, shot in Tenerife.



Did this very late last night after most of the day in hospital….long story did intend in putting in a crowd of people ,but I think the one figure has more impact

Touch Screen from Back in the Day

I used to work on touch screen kiosks before touch screens were cool. For this project I was architect, project manager and creative director. The Molly Brown House is a museum in Denver for the Unsinkable Molly Brown. 47 more words


Expect the Unexpected

By Summer Schneider ♦

“Your first assignment is to help decorate this plastic duck to fight racism.”

Not exactly your average first day at work… 341 more words



Z I T A  B I L L M A N N

    Zita is a force to be reckoned with. Her drive and passion for what she does inspired me to push myself to create this brand. 217 more words


Robynn & Kendy

This is a 100% fictional web design and rebranding proposal developed for Hong Kong indie-pop duo, Robynn & Kendy.

All the contents are retrieved from Robynn & Kendy’s official page, and all the images are of Universal Music Hong Kong’s copyrights. 7 more words

By Yoong Ruey

Micronauts:Baron Kazar

I was never happy with the design of kazar, he always looked like a cheep rip off, of Darth Vader. so I’ve taken a new route with this design, making him more out of shards of metal than the run of the mill shiny suit. 19 more words