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Cover up Tattoos Atlanta Services from Awesome Ink Studios:

It is hard to read peoples mind and to provide the services according to that. Tattoos and piercing styles are like individual styles. When a customer comes to get done with tattoo, it is tough to understand the likings and the preferences. 336 more words

Tattoo Atlanta

Style Icons and Atlanta Piercing Services go Hand in Hand:

Style statement is very much important when you are conscious about your presence socially. There are many people out there who are limited in copying the style of their favorite stars and again who are insisting to create their own image. 324 more words

Tattoo Atlanta

Traditional Tattoos Atlanta is all About Inking in Style:

Tattooing is not only a hobby but an art for young stars. It can be considered as body commitments. A great tattoo can have initials, signs or any abbreviations. 344 more words

Tattoo Atlanta

Were the Producers of ‘Friends’ on a Break?

If history is the past and recorded history is the documentation of the past, then what is prehistory? We could ask this question to the makers of the 90’s TV show, ‘Friends’. 905 more words

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Boston’s Best Shops To Buy Affordable Art

Every art collector knows that buying art can be a very expensive hobby. Nonetheless, art brightens up spaces, evokes emotions and is enjoyed by even the least artistic individuals. 631 more words

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LeiLani Nishime explores the Asian American experience in her new book

Author Leilani Nishime explains what motivated her to write about multiracial Asian-Americans in her new book,

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Recognizing talent

We will be missing out if we don’t acknowledge a talented upcoming artists rising from our communities and we wouldn’t look far for such talents as there are a dozen to outdoor. 186 more words

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