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“Goth Zodiac” Art Series: Sagittarius

The latest in my Goth Zodiac series – Sagittarius!

Being so rebellious, creative and fun, the punkier, deathrocky side of Goth seems fitting for Sagittarius. The lightning bolts reflect Jupiter, the ruler of the sign. 19 more words

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Thanksgiving Nail Art by MySimpleLittlePleasures

She made this video a couple years ago, but I didn’t have this blog then. Otherwise I definitely would’ve posted it. It’s an adorable design, but I don’t think I would do the turkey head thing; just the swirls and colors. 8 more words

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Children Holiday Workshop December

Don’t have a program for your children for the beginning of the December holidays yet? Are your children creative? Do they like arts and crafts? Are they between the ages of 6- 18? 104 more words


From Cherub to Hypnos

I’ve been looking for a figurine of a sleeping cherub for a while now, because I had the idea of using it to represent Hypnos, the God of Sleep, to put in our bedroom (our images of cherubs originally come from Greek and Roman depictions of divinities, after all). 208 more words

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A character commission comes to life!

Earlier this year, I got contacted by a musician who likes my Goth Type art series, and he commissioned me to come up with a visual design for his band persona, Noah Veil, in a similar style.Based on some descriptions and character back story, I came up with this design, which draws inspiration from Ancient Egyptian, Celtic and Norse designs as well as Visual Kei. 90 more words

Art & Expression

New feature added to my blog: Ask Spicy!

I’ve been considering whether or not to add this feature for a while now, but I finally made up my mind: I’m adding an advice column to this site! 659 more words