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“Goth Zodiac” Art Series: Scorpio

The latest in my Goth Zodiac series – Scorpio!

This one was pretty easy. With all the associations of sex, death, secrecy and the supernatural surrounding Scorpios, Goth comes naturally to them! 19 more words

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Pink Breast Cancer Nail Art by LNETSA

It’s another nail art tutorial, this time by LNETSA on YouTube. This one really caught my eye; it’s really cute and creative. I hope you enjoy! 15 more words

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Making a scrying mirror

After painting my sun placque yesterday I was on a bit of a painting roll, so I decided to make a scrying mirror too – around Samhain seems to be an appropriate time! 118 more words

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Painting another charity shop find

Today I had a day off work for taiku-no-hi: “Sports Day,” which is a Japanese public holiday. I spent part of the day shopping in my local town, where I picked up some new Stamford incense (Stamford is my new favourite brand – it burns really cleanly and doesn’t have that sharp pesticide scent that other cheap brands have). 111 more words

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Pink Ribbon Nail Art by MySimpleLittlePleasures

I love nail art – though I rarely get my nails done anymore. I love My Simple Pleasures on YouTube! She has nails for every… 30 more words

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Encountering Inari: A Guided Meditation

This is a guided meditation to help the individual deepen their spiritual connection with the deity Inari Okamisama, and to gain mental and spiritual well-being. It should not be viewed as a way to “summon” Inari – rather, it is a method of relaxation and visualisation to encourage deep contemplation of Inari, as well as to offer one’s respect and prayers. 2,196 more words

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Over Weight

My thoughts.
My dreams.
My worries.
My brain.

All of these things are overweight.

Starting last night, I could not make a decision to save my life. 236 more words