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What's the difference between art & craft?

Was Michelangelo an artistic genius? Of course, but he was also born in the right place at the right time; pre-Renaissance, Western artists got little individual credit for their work. 72 more words

Art History

Comparrison Eva Hesse & Bruce Naumann

After looking at two pieces of contemporary art from the 60’s and 70’s I have found that both artist have become concerned with different ideals of life. 544 more words


Steina Switch! Motor! Drift!

In Steina’s switch motor drift we are presented with an interesting look at using multiple cameras and replacing any black color with the image of what one of the cameras sees. 476 more words


Interview: Jeanne Smoot and Jenny Garrett

This is an excerpt from A Utah Anthology: Art, Landscape, and Cultural Production in the Land of Deseret, Edited by Matthew Coleman. The project is incomplete. 2,018 more words

Art History

Preface to 'Art/Sound'

 ‘What I have in my own mind is a complete fusion of the two concepts’ (Herbert Read, Education Through Art (1943)).

The ‘Art/Sound: Practice, Theory & History 1800-2010’ module will be launched at the School of Art, Aberystwyth University in September 2014. 615 more words

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