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Hellenistic Greek

Greeks during this age were continually fighting. They were focused on identity with this came inter-polis and competitiveness. Philosophy from this time is well known. Great philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were all part of this time. 87 more words

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Early & Hellenic Greek

The Greeks believed that “Man is the measure of all things.” Unlike the Egyptians, the Greeks were more interested in the here and now than the afterlife. 69 more words

Art History

day 20/ family

prompt of the day was family

A Family of Memory
Orchards and ivy long gone from view
Houses and boards creaking too
Scent and vision clouded with tears… 34 more words

Of Dreams and Reality: Brunelleschi's Dome & The Duomo

Composed on:

July 23rd 2013
Florence, Italy

A friend asked me today – when was the last time that you were blown away? It pained me that I couldn’t quite remember. 344 more words



“all contemporary art needs to be media literate. For its part, New Media Art needs above all to be conversant with art history, and to have a working knowledge of contemporary art [...] This kind of argument could probably be made for much of the art formerly known as New Media Art, the real power of which today lies in what more and what else, compared to other practices, it can tell us about the destiny and topical nature of abstraction; racial and sexual issues; our globalized world; control and censorship; terrorism and climate change. 81 more words

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Happy Easter! Please enjoy this tasty peep art!