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How to NOT get bored by Renaissance art. Part III

Imagine yourself a teenager of 13 years, who finds himself in the company of three of the greatest artists of your time. What would you learn from them? 1,695 more words


The Tragedy of My Generation… And Its Hope

This is what our parents’ farms largely look like today, after we were taken away by promises of distant glories.This too is an image of war. 67 more words

Nature Photography

Rembrandt van Rijn

1st and 2nd grade students were introduced to the artist Rembrandt van Rijn through story and images.

Students viewed several of Rembrandt’s self-portraits and learned that he was one of the artists who made self-portraits, or, as we say today, “selfies,” popular. 271 more words


An example of a good critique

Below is a copy of one of your classmate’s responses to the last critique.  It is a good example and should be considered the standard for an “A” from here on out. 1,080 more words

Art History

Collage | From Picasso through Dada and Pop Art to Contemporary Collage

This week students are back and it’s the start of a new trimester, so I prepared some materials for my Illustration unit to help students tackle their first project. 359 more words


Books, Books, Books

Aujourd’hui on parle un peu livres pour changer, au fur et à mesure des années j’ai un peu augmenté ma collection. Si bien que chaque anniversaire, chaque Noël, chaque événement est une raison pour mes proches de me faire plaisir et de m’offrir de nouveaux exemplaires. 1,617 more words


Art and the First World War: A Comparison of Ideologies, Perceptions and Expressions

Throughout the course of history, art has functioned as a powerful tool for expression, communication, commentary and propaganda. Beyond being a medium of creative expression, it is strongly rooted to the period of its birth, thus often taking on political and social stands, and dealing with ideas ranging from changing notions of beauty to poverty, hunger and war. 1,454 more words