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You can whine all you want about deadlines, but it’s a very nice feeling when you stick it out. Finishing means starting something new. It’s like the first day of class when all your notebooks are empty and your pencils are sharp. 104 more words


Plein Air Painting #1

Yesterday evening I packed my dad’s car with all my newly assembled oil painting materials and drove off into the sunset, literally, although sunset here in Ireland takes many hours, and a thousand changes happen before your eyes, each one a beautiful painting in itself. 201 more words

Domestic and Pragmatic

Spawn is home for the summer and art students fresh from year one have a lot to say about arty stuff. And some of his observations about my practice have been liberating. 129 more words


Thinking of buying wine with your artist fee? Dream on.

So, shipping my hampers will cost more than the hampers. No wine for me.


Locked in. No turning back.

This morning before the rain, I mocked up a portion of my Art in the Open, 2014 installation in the back yard and placed an order for one case of half bushel wooden hampers from a Mt. 100 more words


Art in the Open, 2014

I will have a piece in Art in the Open, 2014. During the winter months, I experimented with weaving baskets for part of the installation. I discovered I am a more than decent basket weaver, but the overall aesthetic called for something a little more uniform. 24 more words