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Not all who Wander are lost...

Working on my portfolio and fixing stuff and getting it all organized and cleaned up is so exciting. Figuring what I want to do when I graduate and where I want to work. 108 more words


The Heart and Soul of Modern Animation

The cartoons of the past that people most readily identify with are those created by Walt Disney. The legacy he bequeathed to animation and the American psyche has left an indelible imprint upon Western Civilization through the simple retelling of fairy tales. 350 more words


Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Chicago

On holidays like today, it’s sometimes mysterious how people celebrate. The train was empty at its usual rush hour. There were three lone commuters that joined me in my car. 586 more words


Letting My Heart Sing

I’ve often mentioned wanting to try new things in life. I am happy to report I have been. Nothing grandiose, but new nonetheless. If you are looking for events like skydiving, you’ve been led to the wrong blog. 359 more words


The arts à la Chagall

The soft blue light exuding from the windows cast an air of serene calmness. I was basking in the glow from the Chagall windows at the Art Institute. 85 more words



Hello friends, family, and chefs!

I have created this blog to document my studies and adventures abroad in Nantes, France over the next few months. I plan on updating it regularly to not only provide proof of my work and assignments, but also to keep you all informed on my experiences. 251 more words

Art Institute

Colored pencil drawing

Despite the fact that there’s more snow on the ground today, my row of 3 snow days is over. I have to head back to teaching and start with a full week! 169 more words