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Massachusetts and Long Island Vacation Smash Book Style

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to “add receipts, labels, business cards – smash book style!”  Since taking up art journaling as a creative hobby and especially since joining the DLP, the term “smash book” is something I had read in passing but I had not discerned the definition.   550 more words

Inspiration from the 2014 TLC Childhood Trauma Practitioner's Assembly

It’s been a super busy last couple of weeks and I am grateful within that time I was able to schedule in attending a day of the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children’s Annual… 508 more words

Art Journaling

A Video Flip Journal & a Magazine Looking for Art Journalers!

HeART journal magazine asked if I could post a tutorial and a flip video of journal pages. There’s no $ involved but I get 6 months free of the magazine which comes with all sorts of videos and articles…and publicity can never be a bad thing just in case it’s really possible to have a full time career doing art journaling & mixed media.  197 more words

Getting stronger

I guess I’m getting stronger with all my healing techniques: yoga and 30 min walking every morning, and art journaling.

These are my 2 last pieces done during the weekend, red and purple: strong colours. 7 more words


Shading, Sacred Seussing & Creating the 21 Secrets Video

The other week, I stumbled onto an art journaler who was taking a class in shading and I got inspired as I often do when peering in on the creative adventures of fellow artists…sooooo… I  did a few journal pages using various shades of golden teal, mixing in white and black to lighten or darken the hue. 171 more words

Announcing my new address here

My daily Happy Yellow Rhodia entry to let my Instagram followers know my new blog address.

I will still update Tumblr, but was really looking for a place where I didn’t have to wade through endless reblogs (my own fault but stuff is so rebloggable dangit!) to find my posts… ON MY OWN PAGE haha! 6 more words

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