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Horse Trail Ride April 23, 2014

Through long green grass fields

Into the woods, by cows, geese,

Trail ride perfection!

Art Prescription:  Spring experienced on the back of a horse is bliss. 33 more words

Writing Down the Stones

Writing Down the Stones

Ok well this s interesting never heard of the process before it is worth a try I always like experimenting reminds me of writing down the bones hope I can get in touch with some things not on the surface but deep under why did I write that I am not wanting to go under the deep water of myself I am a fish that likes just swimming at the top but really in order to truly find out what is going in inside I have to go inside it is like a microscope and setting it on a lens that can see what no other lens can see what is in that drop of water that I call life deep in the drop of water like an ocean.. 345 more words

Art And Aspiration

Best Friend Therapy

I just love these faces. Don’t they look like BFFs? Is there anything a BFF can’t fix? They’re your go-to gal, your pick-me-upper, your even-when-I-hate-myself-I-know-I’m-loved bestie. 32 more words

Art Journaling

Trying new objects and combinations

This Unearth gather and create workshop really is the best right now. I´m learning so much and spend the weekend sketching faces, over and over again. 158 more words

Art Journaling

365 - Face A Day (continued)

I cannot believe I have completed 65 days of faces. Some are disasters either through being in a hurry, tired or just plain crappy work. The thing I am pleased about is that someone does come each day. 123 more words

Things People Do

Drawing Flowers

So I’ve been practising. I know it’s not much but I am determined to improve my drawing skills everyday.

Today was all about flowers. I googled flowers, I copied flowers. 67 more words

Right Brain Activities

How to Make a Zine

via Rookie » How to Make a Zine.

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been a teenager in my zine prime and yet the pull to make some zines again is so strong lately.

Make It