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The 19th century was the one where art began to run downhill into a pretentious market

Into the abstract abyss.


There are very many familiar things here, and it is not hard to suggest modern-day equivalents to the hard-nosed dealer, the artist with more of an eye on capitalising his talent than developing his skill, the collector who buys and sells with such rapidity that he could really best be regarded as a species of dealer.

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Appraisers' Chatroom July 2014

Art fairs: just when everyone was saying there were too many of them, even in the summertime they won’t give us a rest. Received three invitations in one week to attend fairs in different European countries. 143 more words

Posted By Elin Lake-Ewald, Ph.D, ASA, RICS

Art, Pay, Love: Inside the world of contemporary art

Maurizio Cattelan is one of the glittering stars of contemporary art. In 1996 when he appeared at a show in Amsterdam he stole another artist’s exhibition, reframed it and entitled it Another F***ing Readymade (expunged courtesy of Fortune). 441 more words


Repost: Five Street Artists to Invest In

Check out this article: Five Street Artists To Invest In according to Art Finder. Artists mentioned include: Beejoir, Shepard Fairey, Cyclops, Eine and A.CE.

I currently have three of these artists on my radar. What do you think?

Street Art

Drawing a Blank: Why Is Congress Going to Reward Wealthy Artists?

Right now, while everyone in social media is arguing over other things, a horrible little law is making its way through Congress which you ought to be aware of – if you happen to love art and care about capitalism, as I do. 1,130 more words


eBay and Sotheby's new venture announced

eBay and Sotheby’s announced a partnership to develop an innovative online platform that will make it easier for millions of people worldwide to discover, browse and acquire exceptional works of art, antiques and collectibles. 265 more words


Contemporary art stars returned in London starting from Sotheby's - June 30th, 2014

The first Evening sale of Contemporary Art bring home important results at Sotheby’s London for the big names in the postwar period. From Francis Bacon… 195 more words