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Francis Howard (1874-1954) and the 'other' Grosvenor Gallery (founded 1912)

Given names of art galleries are very important. They may refer to their holdings (the Spanish Gallery, that dealt in old masters from this country), their geographical location (the Sackville Gallery, in Sackville Street), or hint to some culturally shared concept (the Carfax Gallery, founded by Oxford university students, who referred to a monument in such a town; but also, more simply, the Modern Gallery). 654 more words

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From The New York Times: Can an Economist’s Theory Apply to Art?

The New York Times speaks about the new book of  Thomas Piketty, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” a historic survey of income inequality, where the French economist argues that the rich are only going to get richer as a result of free-market capitalism. 259 more words



After Oscar Wilde published The Picture of Dorian Gray, with its preface in which he quipped that “all art is quite useless”, a young admirer wrote to ask for some explanation of what Wilde meant. 235 more words



“While museums have repeatedly attempted to ride the digital art wave, it is also true that other key areas of the contemporary art world have taken things much more slowly. 51 more words

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Are the politics of exclusion restricting the growth of Contemporary Indian Art?  

Anupa Mehta and Sharmistha Ray engage in a no-holds-barred conversation about
contemporary Indian art, the market and the merits of inclusion. 

Anupa Mehta

Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Bruhl Join Helen Mirren in Stolen Nazi Art Tale

Ryan Reynolds (pictured above) and Daniel Bruhl have come on board to play attorneys in “The Woman in Gold” opposite Helen Mirren for The Weinstein Co. 174 more words


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After Clooney's "Monuments Men", another movie about Nazi looted paintings, a true story of a Jewish refugee who has been able to reclaim five Gustav Klimt's