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Le Surrealizme At L'objet (Surrealism and the Object)

The exhibition Le Surrealizme At L’objet (Surrealism and the Object) closed last month at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. Over the years, the Centre Pompidou devoted several event entirely to  Surrealism —  “Surrealist Revolution” (2002), “The Subversion of Images” (2009),  Salvador Dali and now “Surrealism and the Object”.   337 more words


Art & Sustainability: The Journey Ends

My last blog of the semester has finally approached, and it causes me to reflect on all that I have learned about the intersection of art history, intentionality, and the environment. 852 more words

Art And Sustainability Research

Warhol & Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and Pop Art is one of those iconic pairings like strawberries and cream or pancakes and syrup, one just isn’t right without the other. 323 more words

Art & Photography

The History of Art

If you don’t know heaps about the history of art this is just a brief overview. If you don’t really know anything about art i recommend that you watch this. 29 more words


Art Movements: Cubism

Pablo Picasso’s Figure dans un Fauteuil (Seated Nude, Femme nue assise)

I’ll be honest here upfront, I’m not exactly fond of modern art. I prefer the paintings on my wall to either be landscapes or flowers. 422 more words



Wouldn’t you agree that a lot of book covers look the same? Yes, it is the responsibility of the designer to come up with a unique looking cover, but there are other elements which contribute to this generic-looking ‘style’… 998 more words

Art Movement Through Photography - Eileen Rafferty

Whilst reading  Michael Freeman’s ‘The Photographer’s Eye’ in the introduction of the Style and Fashion Chapter Freeman listed various photography styles in chronological order [6] ‘ 159 more words