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Creative Digital Media Production

In today session I was introduced to next term ACW2 assessment.In this assignment I have to project about art movements by taking orignals images and applying art movement effects through photoshop. 95 more words

Creative Digital Media Production

Collision of Movements

When given the task of choosing an artist whose works hangs on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery, I felt overwhelmed. Everywhere I looked I saw art that seemed important, mesmerizing, and powerful. 372 more words

Visual Reviews

Renaissance Art and Popular Renaissance Paintings

The Renaissance, a cultural movement that spanned the period of 14th to 17th century saw a distinct style of painting emerge and that came to be popularly known as Renaissance Art. 102 more words

Modern Life | Anna Powell

Today was our 4th lecture with Anna Powell. After first recapping on our previous lectures, focusing on:

  • What is Theory?
  • Semiotics
  • Iconography

Anna then revealed that this lecture would be about Modern Life, and captioned the title “Modern Life is Rubbish? 585 more words

Year Two