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Exploring British Architectural Styles - Edwardian Homes

And, finally… Edwardian homes!

Edwardian (1901 – 1914)

Though King Edward VII only ruled from 1901-1910, the Edwardian style is considered to run from 1901 to around 1914. 812 more words


Cowabunga! || Using TMNT to teach the Renaissance

We present to you our first full fledge lesson plan to use in your world history classrooms! This lesson plan addressed the importance of art during the Renaissance and how the artistic themes revealed the changing times of the Renaissance. 393 more words

Social Studies


Gondole #154

Curator Christopher Voci had it right when he said, “Each movement had its great masters, but there are very few who could create art unconfined by a single style like Diego.” 164 more words

#Diego Voci

Creative Digital Media Production

In today session I was introduced to next term ACW2 assessment.In this assignment I have to project about art movements by taking orignals images and applying art movement effects through photoshop. 95 more words

Creative Digital Media Production

Collision of Movements

When given the task of choosing an artist whose works hangs on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery, I felt overwhelmed. Everywhere I looked I saw art that seemed important, mesmerizing, and powerful. 372 more words

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