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A Video Flip Journal & a Magazine Looking for Art Journalers!

HeART journal magazine asked if I could post a tutorial and a flip video of journal pages. There’s no $ involved but I get 6 months free of the magazine which comes with all sorts of videos and articles…and publicity can never be a bad thing just in case it’s really possible to have a full time career doing art journaling & mixed media.  197 more words

Shading, Sacred Seussing & Creating the 21 Secrets Video

The other week, I stumbled onto an art journaler who was taking a class in shading and I got inspired as I often do when peering in on the creative adventures of fellow artists…sooooo… I  did a few journal pages using various shades of golden teal, mixing in white and black to lighten or darken the hue. 171 more words



“The Sexually Promiscuous Male” by Benjamin Morse (up to Chapter 2)
“Creative Confidence” by Tom & David Kelly (YouTube)


Anonymous friend

NSA… 281 more words


To begin ...

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.”

Marcus Aurelius

Art Of Living


No one leaves the world without dying…

It is true to say that death is a necessary evil which each one of us have to face once in our life time. 21 more words


Trust, faith, letting go, etc

“Everything good that happens to you in life happens because of the way you behave. Everything great that happens to you in life happens because of the way you behave when things aren’t fair.” – Andy Andrews…

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Art Of Living

제대로 쉬는 방법

섹션 다섯개를 풀고, 나름 스터디카페에서 책도 보면서 느낀게 나는 쉬면서도 에너지를 소모하고 있다는 느낌이였다.

내가 대학도 졸업하고 예전보다 나이가 들어서 그런지 몰라도 내가 하루에 쓸수있는 에너지량을 정말 피부로 느끼는 중인데, 피티다섯개를 풀고, 재충전할 시간을 가져야 되는데 낮잠을 자버리면 한두시간이 가버려서 좀 걱정이다. 22 more words

Art Of Living