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GYAN 104 :

Birthdays are just polite reminders, that we are runing out of  time.

Four Steps for a Better Weltanschauung

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Step One:

Identify the negative feeling in you

Step Two

Understand that they are in you, (not in the world, not in external reality) 36 more words



Having recently attended a Vipassana Course, I feel it’s something that needs to be shared with my fellow beings.

There is meditation and then there is Vipassana meditation. 170 more words

Everyone has a Choice

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood …” Robert Frost

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Feeling Miserable

It feels so miserable to be in a system which is though fighting within itself, never purifies.


Art of living

How to live is the Art to be learned.
To build your life style Or future.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living. 149 more words