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Oddities and Grandma's Wisdom

The world is burning and Nero fiddles from the balcony and we, the peasants are dancing in the streets to a song we barely know and have long since forgotten the steps to. 1,178 more words


Dream Big ya!!!

Movie Review: October Sky (1999) (English) 

A wonderful movie on motivation and persuing one’s dream. The movie says a true story of Homer Hickman and his friends who dreamt big. 138 more words


Why Sri Sri?

Luckily, I am a happy person. Not that I don’t have any sad moments, get hurt or cry yet I have been strong enough to wear a smile, learn to let go and make sure no one gets a hint that I am down. 590 more words

Idiot Thought

Adventures in Meditation

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been wanting to talk about meditation for a while, but couldn’t quite get to it because I was struggling to get myself to do it. 708 more words

One day Challenge: Give and take SMILE

What does it cost a man to give a smile to someone he meets, at home, on the way, during the work, in the park etc. 107 more words

Art Of Living


When an attitude of selfishness becomes the norm of life, every person I encounter becomes an object of my pleasure and satisfaction.


Updates from the Ministry of Daydreams

It has come to the notice of the Ministry of Daydreams that silly walk is on decline. “It is unspeakable. I cannot begin to describe the horror,” says Madam Minister. 53 more words

Contemplation Of The Day