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GYAN 98 :

You use your intelligence in order to   Talk  Sensibly.  Now use the same to remain   Silent. 

The problem with grown ups are that, they talk too much.  54 more words

Over It

Recently I have been more than a little bit annoyed, have you noticed? Oh, I know mostly it has emerged as a bit annoyed at the body politics; certainly this has gotten my dander up. 1,109 more words


Interviews with Post Graduates

From now on, I will use my Blog to interview people. This to get more inside information and really get a good picture of the way people make their choices these days. 49 more words

Art Of Living

The trying mind

The dilemma of the soul…

The trying of the self to understand thyself..

The trying mind to put it all into perspective…

The smallness of the small mind.. 80 more words

The day to cherish the years gone by

So today is my birthday.

I have never been good at my own birthdays. I have always thought that they are a little unnecessary in their original meaning of getting older with one yeaar according to this calender that we have and this time that we live with. 628 more words

Art Of Living

Real, Connected and Vulnerable

Marriage is for life. Man and woman joined in wedding are the fortunate one working together in God’s resolve that life should go on. God joins both the life-giving and love-giving aspects of man and woman’s sexuality into one reality in marriage. 248 more words


Fighting the Dictatorship, Building Lasting Peace

I believe, I should have started this blog with this piece because If there is one piece that I need to write to be remembered here, it is this. 2,052 more words