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The other day I was strolling through the blog world, trying to catch up with my reading; it seems I am always behind these days. I haven’t been up to my usual self frankly; things have been weighing on my heart and mind, keeping me from my normal enthusiasm, my desire for social interaction and visits with friends flung far and wide. 664 more words


The More We Have!!!

When we have more we tend to be choosy but when we have the minimal we learn to enjoy the little we have…


Christianity: A Religion of Relationship

Lk. 13: 10-17

Listening to today’s Gospel (Lk. 13: 10-17) I feel Christianity is a religion of relationship rather than a religion of laws and regulation. 87 more words

Christian Life

Nothing in the World Will Ever Be the Same

Love changes everything and everyone, everyone for good and nothing in this world will ever be the same.

As I listened to this song during the adoration service, I was just fascinated. 248 more words


I believe in the good things coming


I love that. Namaste. ”I salute the God in you, that is also in me.”
So I mean it – Namaste.

I have been reading a lot about different topics and looking for information about things that interest me and mostly after doing this I have gained so much new interesting information but feel frustrated and tired. 337 more words

Art Of Living

GYAN 98 :

You use your intelligence in order to   Talk  Sensibly.  Now use the same to remain   Silent. 

The problem with grown ups are that, they talk too much.  54 more words

Over It

Recently I have been more than a little bit annoyed, have you noticed? Oh, I know mostly it has emerged as a bit annoyed at the body politics; certainly this has gotten my dander up. 1,109 more words