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Master Sun | Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy

I’d say since the age of 21 I’ve been occasionally reading or looking at Sun Tzu’s all time classic ‘The Art Of War’.  This insightful read alters every year as my self conscious changes and the words and philosophies become clearer as I experience more.   116 more words

Art Of War

Discussion Questions Week 2

What have you learned about strategy from chapter 3? How can we apply these principles to conquer our own lives.?

When in conflict of any kind, what are the best principles of Sun Tzu from these chapters to apply to the situation in order to succeed? 29 more words

Know Thy Enemy...And Love Them

Sun Tzu was a Chinese military strategist who wrote The Art of War. This document describes many aspects of warfare and identifies different factors and strategies that leads to victory in battles. 1,579 more words


The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Sounding like something out of ” The Art of War “, I’m not sure exactly where this phrase originates from. The first recorded use of the current English version was around 1884. 490 more words


Your True Enemies in Health Care Identified

To date, I’ve stuck with Rule One material: evidence-based people skills. Let’s visit Rule Three:


Sun-tzu wrote the book The Art of War 2000 years ago. 401 more words


Desperate Stratagems - The Beauty Trap

In Sun Tsu’s classic Thirty Six Stratagems (that Sun Tsu may or may have not written), my favorite chapter must certainly be the Sixth and last, which is called… 189 more words

Pulp Hero's Library


It’s not abundantly clear from the cover, but the 2014 hardback, gilt-edged Collector’s Library edition of Sun Tzu’s Art of War is a new edition of my earlier… 38 more words