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KNOW THY SELF:A hero's guide

It is easy to say that you should focus on others and should stop feeling sorry for yourself but when you have lost the desire even to wake up and nothing seems to be worthwhile,what do you do? 1,051 more words


A Fall of Self Exploration

If you were to take a look at my nightstand you’d never know that I’m wading into a period of self exploration. But if you were to peak into my electronic readers well they would tell a decidedly different story. 533 more words

China Will Beat the US due to Obama’s Poor Strategy and Diplomacy

In my post “China the Biggest Winner in US-Russian Confrontation” yesterday, I viewed Obama’s poor and China’s successful diplomacies mainly from a Chinese perspective.

As a Chinese, I certainly am happy to see China grow rich and strong and have the prospects to be the strongest in the world. 1,050 more words

The mindset of a winner

Current ranking: Diamond V promotional matches

Back again with an update, this week had been up and down, I was playing a bit on Diamond IV  1,067 more words

Humanity and Iron Discipline

Therefore soldiers must be treated in the first instance with humanity, but kept under control by means of iron discipline. This is a certain road to victory.

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