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Finger Drawings !!!!!

Finger Drawings !!!!

by Artist Judith Braun !!

Thank to brother Nadeem Zuberi they find it . . . .

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Hazrat Maulana Room (RA) said.

Hazrat Maulana Room (RA) said.

I arrived and knocked on the door of his beloved
A voice answered his knock, who is it?
I said, it’s me… 51 more words

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C'est bon pour la santé ! (It's good for health)

C’est bon pour la santé !

Translation  ….  (It’s good for health)

The Art is best medication

Wishing you well.  :)

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Creative VS. Artistic (And Debunking The Right-Brain VS. Left-Brain Myth)

For the longest time I used to consider myself  a “right-brain” person. I came to this conclusion because to my knowledge the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks while the left side is best at logical and analytical thinking. 939 more words


Asking for a Re-Blog

I have never asked for a reblog before, but if you have the time and wouldn’t mind reblogging or sharing this I would personally appreciate it. 157 more words