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One calls a still life nature morte

In French, one calls a still life nature morte. Stilled lives and dead nature link this pair of solo exhibitions by senior artists with conceptually-based practices. 467 more words

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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres - Antiochus and Stratonice (1866). In HD!

Click on the image to see Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ Antiochus and Stratonice in High Resolution, with all its amazing details!

How NOT to approach an artist at a show or even at their home!

I have participated in art shows since I was a small ten year old girl, the youngest member of the Casper Artists Guild in Wyoming. I have learned a thing or two about art shows in my fifty years of displaying my work. 285 more words

To A Young Painter

To show the lab’ring bosom’s deep intent,

And thought in living characters to paint,

When first thy pencil did those beauties give,

And breathing figures learnt from thee to live, 80 more words


The World Cup Logo Designs From 1930 – 2014 !

The Original Article  Post on 110designs.com ‘s Blog

Link : http://www.110designs.com/blog/2014/06/the-world-cup-logo-designs-from-1930-2014/


The FIFA World Cup has been and definitely will remain the most famous football event throughout the years. 1,476 more words

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Wrong angle, right caricature.

So this happened totally by accident!
I was doing a bit of portrait painting from a glossy mag and once finished and ready to take a photo of the end work (because Instagram… because @shmaymee *hint *hint) I tried taking the photo from a weird angle to see how it would distort. 60 more words

Amy Slatem


Trust me

like Pharaohs calling to rain clouds in a drought

Boundless grains of salt parch the Earth

I watch the skies open mouth

Trust me… 170 more words