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Review: Day Release. Northern Charter, Newcastle, permanent installation.

Religious phenomena, idolatry and the production of idols have seldom been interrogated by contemporary art. Twenty-first century visual culture has adopted doctrinal religion as a mode of rhetoric, harbouring constituent elements such as faith, impulse, violence and revolt. 539 more words

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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (1908-1909)

The Kiss. Two figures enclosed within the golden folds of each other, in this simple composition of a passionate embrace. This is a painting that evokes the most personal and powerful element of man, his love for another. 520 more words


The Allegory of Painting by Johannes Vermeer (1665)

The Allegory of Painting is truly one of the most beautiful paintings in the world. Beautiful not only in the charming scene it depicts (the endearing relationship between a young woman and her portraitist), but also in the message that it hides within the details of the scene. 566 more words


FAT CAT's Lucky6

The existence/download of any smart phone application follows the ordinary rule of demand and supply. Delving into the sociological reasons for the creation of an app would be an interesting topic to write about – it seems rather obvious when I propose that… 669 more words

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Let your thoughts run wild: Dasha Shishkin's imaginative genius

In Culver City, a neighborhood of art galleries featuring contemporary works invite L.A. goers to test the limits of their mind as they begin to understand abstract forms of art. 1,180 more words

The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso (1903)

The Old Guitarist – one of Picasso’s most powerful artistic creations in the feeble form of a blind musician. This beautiful paradox was painted in 1903 in Madrid, a moment in time in which Picasso himself was not only emerging from poverty, but was also recovering from the suicide of his close friend Carlos Casagemas. 416 more words


God is a Gamer but then is he?

To this question he made no reply, but after a little while he moved; the attendant uncovered him; his eyes were fixed. And Crito when he saw it, closed his mouth and eyes.

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