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Album Review: The Takeoff and Landing of Everything, by Elbow

Elbow has made an exchange. They (Garvey) have sold their catchy and awesome vocal melodies and they received new mysterious lyrics and chord progressions. The cool instrumentation is still there and it sounds a little more like progressive rock used to sound. 671 more words

MoeTar - Entropy of the Century (2014)

1. Dystopian Fiction (2:01)
2. Entropy of the Century (2:53)
3. Regression to the Mean (3:50)
4. Welcome to the Solar Flares (3:04) 912 more words

Progressive Rock

Live Review: Alt-J at New York's Beacon Theater (11/16)

Photography by Gabriela Plump

It’s not easy to describe Alt-J’s sound, and yet something about them has always felt familiar. 2012’s An Awesome Wave… 676 more words

Concert Reviews

Bigelf - The Talking Heads - Southampton - 12/11/2014

The Talking Heads in Southampton is a cracking little venue, but unfortunately it suffers with the curse of being “a bit out of the way”, as such, tonight’s crowd is a little sparser than it might have been at one of the more central city venues. 741 more words


The Pineapple Thief launch acoustic video and head off on tour

The Pineapple Thief has filmed a clip of the beautiful title track from their new album Magnolia being performed acoustically by Bruce Soord. 291 more words


Talk Talk Perform "Ascension Day"

Listen to this track by former pop synthesists turned minimalist orchestral art rock concern Talk Talk. It’s “Ascension Day”, the second track from the band’s last (to date, although I wouldn’t hold your breath, kids) album… 786 more words


New Rock for November 2014 part one

Georgio “the Dove’ Valentino – “Mille Plataux” – Self Released – 2×12” LP

Outrageously impressive artwork graces the covers and sleeves of this double vinyl. The music is astoundingly brilliant.  536 more words