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North Park - August Update

There has been so much new art in North Park lately, I had to update my recent gallery.


SoCalGal @ the Frothy Monkey

I’ve been told that you will normally meet people born elsewhere when talking to your neighbors in Williamson County.  So it was no surprise that my second Coffee Connect moved here less than a year ago.   452 more words

Lieper's Fork

Jammin': Initial Gut Reactions

Hello! This is my first post for JAM (be gentle). Jammin’ will be re-occurring theme of my personal insights and opinions about my behind-the-scenes experiences with JAM. 666 more words


How to Enhance Your Scene

Sometimes I am a rambling idiot. Twice this past month two different reporters have asked me, “why do you think it is important to support the arts?”  I spewed on for couple of minutes without articulating exactly why I think it’s important to support the arts, so consider this my practice for the next time someone asks me. 468 more words


Gerard Byrne Artist


There is no repetition. No two journeys are ever the same

Gerard Byrne is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary artists. His works hang in the Irish Government’s Art Collections and in numerous commercial and private collections worldwide.

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More rhythms from Amman

I don’t know if it’s the rolling hills or the magnificent country side, that has heightened my sense of sound; but I keep on picking up rhythms and music everywhere I go from the calls of vendors in the market to the sounds of car horns and the bells hanging from the necks of sheep on the outskirts of the city, I feel that Amman has constant musical beat. 261 more words

What could it be?

There is various opinions as to what could it be, the invisible paintings by Paul Jaisini. That the writer, EYKG had created a character she is using for her writing of novels. 134 more words

Paul Jaisini