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Art Walk Madness

Many cities, nationwide, engage their downtown areas with monthly/ weekly community events. Art walks are usually in the lists of these planned events, at the art walks you can find vendors, live art paintings, galleries opened with exquisite are displayed for the masses, and great food smells pouring from the local restaurants welcoming hungry guests. 132 more words


LT ARTicle November 2013 | Curating in 21st Century Sri Lanka by Saskia Fernando

Following random recent events and a lack of inspiration for two specific subjects to discuss in my Then and Now series, I am back to my monthly stream of random thoughts on the art scene that, with the help of this column, come into some form of organization and focus. 771 more words

LT ARTicle February 2013 | Sri Lankan Art: Who, What, Why, When and Where? By Saskia Fernando

I’m not going to bore you with a brief history but instead attempt to explain where we are, the changes that are taking place in front of us and what needs to happen for us to hit the world stage. 1,185 more words

LT ARTicle March 2013 | The Fine Line by Saskia Fernando

In the lead up to this issue there were many a discussion about who should be listed as a startup, an illustrator, a freestyler and of course, an artist. 943 more words

Five Conversations on the State of Cleveland's Art Scene

By Eric Sandy

More than anything, even beer and cased meats, Cleveland is a city built on creativity — everything from the quirky to the fine. 6,632 more words


Cultivating Creatives With Coffea Roasterie

As an artist, relationships with galleries, patrons, collectors, and the many other varieties of art enthusiasts become just as important, if not more so, than the created work itself. 510 more words


The Artdose Driving Art Tour - October 18, 2014, 10am-4pm

Artdose Art Guide is happy to announce the 2014 Artdose Driving Art Tour. What is a driving art tour you may be wondering. Well, it is a one-day art event where the public can experience the local arts in North East Wisconsin. 75 more words