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Waltzing Through Wynwood

Wynwood is a large plate of art with a side of spontaneous creativity. Being one of the largest outdoor graffiti exhibits, Miami is very proud of our art scene here in Wynwood. 132 more words


Floating Forks

On Friday, July 18, I was able to visit the “Reverse: Rewriting Culture.” group exhibit presented by the following artists; Consuelo Castaneda, David Rohn, Eduardo Rivera Salvatierra, Fernando Bayona González, Fernando García, Jonathan Wahl, Juan Pablo Ballester, and Nereida Garcia-Ferráz housed at the Dot Fifty-One Gallery in Wynwood. 414 more words


PRofile: Khari Lucas

Sometimes I attend philosophical social meet-ups where topics range from love and friendship to art and religion. These meet-ups really challenge me to understand the roots of my opinions. 449 more words


A splash in berlinerpool

A few days ago, we met Andrzej Raszyk, director at berlinerpool, an organization aimed to extend art networks locally but also in an international perspective through projects, debates and a mobile physical archive of international artists, curators, art managers and art venues in Berlin. 101 more words

Seattle to PI: Global Artivism Tales

The introduction to my project of documenting the art scene in the Philippines. I am currently a University of Washington student from South King County in Washington State, double majoring in Law, Societies and Justice and Comparative History of Ideas, in my final year.  48 more words

NadaDada 2014 - The End!

The Party Princess Room has closed down, and while the experience was wonderful, I could not be happier.

I’ve been extremely exhausted throughout all of NadaDada, and now I just need some downtime. 181 more words

Test Shot

Peel your skin

reveal a vibrant sheen. Touch

and push the button.

Don’t be shy.


Color the sky red, circling

and swirling with blurred hues… 48 more words