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Print on Paper

One of the modules in the second year is Professional Context.
Here we see work produced for an international card company based in Bath and the Netherlands. 12 more words


My Fool Moment

Back in the beginning of summer I had the luck to attend the first few of the amazing Veronica Varlow’s online tarot classes, The Parlour. Though for various reasons I missed classes these past two months, what I learned there still keeps me going to learn tarot. 501 more words

Art School

I love flea markets...but not necessarily for the reason you would think.

This morning at the flea market in Sandwich, Mass I stopped at a table and started visiting with Dennis. Here’s Dennis. I scored some cool jewelry, some butter knives, a beautiful serving spoon and silver salad tongs from his goods. 261 more words

Spark & Muse

Art as a Selfie

While each artist is different, in some ways they are the same. Artists want to produce work that is a projection of themselves. In the past art was dictated by patrons or sponsors and heavily regulated by religion, cultural mores, and politics. 239 more words


Art Schools And Their Place In The History Of Great Music


The idea of going to school to learn something like how to make great pop music seems kind of crazy. Even when an artist doesn’t write their own material, we still instinctively box their music-making into a category of things that are intrinsically connected to the individual, something that cannot – almost by definition – be learned or mastered in the same way as other crafts. 1,745 more words


The Business of Being a Visual Artist and Designer

The project we are currently working on is all about the business side of art, we are learning the skills and knowledge we need to have a career in the art world. 259 more words

Why I Don't Go To Art School

In public relations, you will often be asked to do things that branch outside your scope of proficiency. It’s a learn-fast-or-fall-hard world. Sometimes, you just have to admit your incapabilites; but that doesn’t mean you can’t still try your hardest. 217 more words