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There are a number of subjects which are perennial favourites for students to research and be inspired by.
Flora and Fauna are two but hot on their heels are cityscapes and here in Bath we’re certainly blessed with a wealth of architectural inspiration. 54 more words


Going back to school was the scariest, but the most rewarding decision I made after I graduated with my first degree. Little did I know how much I would grow as a person and as a designer. 97 more words



This project entailed going into the woods, picking a tree I liked, spending time with it, and making a gift for it. I believe that people need some one to depend on, and also some one to depend on them. 93 more words

Art School


This project is by far the most tasking one I have embarked on in respect to my studio work. For my artists’ trading cards, I decided to make little portraits of all twenty-four of my classmates and my VART 1510 instructor, Ingrid Percy. 172 more words

VART 1510