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One Semester Down–What Just Happened?

Yesterday I finished the first semester of my MFA in Fine Arts at Pratt Institute. I know it’s not a unique experience, and to those who have gone through a program like this before me, maybe these thoughts will seem naive. 1,589 more words

A glimpse of colour work by the 1st years

Another glimpse of the colour project which the 1st yrs have just successfully completed

1st year colour

JavaScript required to play 1st year colour 99 more words


The first years have finished their colour module


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Here as some of the responses to the project by the 1st yr students. 115 more words


Entropic Study #4 (2014)

Concrete, Steel Cable and Fasteners. 30x30x244.


Entropic Study #3 (2014)

Wooden Beam, Fluorescent Tubes. 244x122x10.


Projects Galore.

It’s been a really chaotic week with bursts of fun and minor panics, but I’m almost finished with Fall semester and it feels wonderful.

In this I have finished three projects and re-wrote a short story for my creative writing class. 305 more words

Day One Hundred and Nine

Three Things I Learned:

1. Sometimes you miss and want the people you are better off without.

2. Paper is actually ridged if you look really close, which is why rubbing newspaper over pencil when drawing smooths the image and gets rid of those white dots/lighter patches. 25 more words

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