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A great place to try new things...

We love showing you new tools to play around with. Currently, we have a table set up in a sunny window with lots of different things for you to try. Come check it out!

2 Canvas: Glasgow Art Store

A place where Sid Vicious sits next to Edgar Allen Poe, a place where Glasgow can look like Paris to the right photographer, a place asking what Obama’s campaign poster would look like in the 70’s: this is 2 Canvas. 924 more words


Day 90: Origami bitches

I had a decent day today, I decided to put on a new pretty dress and my cat stockings which were more of my unique vintage purchases.  271 more words

Makeup Tip #1: Affordable "makeup" brushes!

When I first started out experimenting with makeup, I of course, had no brushes. That is until one day I was staring at a container of paint brushes and realized, … 112 more words


How to do a Portrait the easy way!!!

Why make doing a portrait hard:

  • Some people tell me I can’t draw I wish I could
  • Well I ‘m going to teach you a tactic and a few tip that will make this easy…
  • 84 more words


Hi everyone I would like to do a small tutorial:

  1. Get paper that can hold a lot of water damage (watercolor paper would best)
  2. Get yourself a good watercolour set…
  3. 102 more words


This is my first post I am a Graphic designer and artist who is passionate I am in the coming days going to…….