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How to Align Eyes

The principle of aligning the eyes, a key feature in any animal, and one that can be applied not just to human portraits, but to all animals. 113 more words

Wildlife Art

How to Paint Animals (Part 3)

1.If you look at the Pine Marten above, you’ll see there is not too much detail in the fir.

This is all you need to show the impression of fir. 127 more words

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The winter garden

A garden I know so well, from a different season…and here it was, dressed up in its winter clothing. There’s something eerily magical about a sleeping garden in mid winter; you can almost sense all that latent energy pulled deep into the earth through roots and tucked-away shoots so that walking along a mossy path feels like tip- 316 more words

Art Technique

How to Paint Animals (Part 1)

How to Paint Animals.

1. When starting a dog for example draw out the animal, checking for proportion until satisfied.

2. Begin the colouring with filling in all the dark tones. 109 more words

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Ten (painting) days in December

As the final month of the year approached, and my urge to take a step back from the long, super-intense painting process of my bigger work took hold, I decided to do something extremely light-hearted as a countdown to Christmas – a sort of advent calendar of painting. 777 more words


the sunbather

I started this canvas years ago with a simple rhythmic red dot pattern.  I wasn’t “in love” with the first layer, so I chucked it in my closet silently vowing to finish it one day. 142 more words

A Few Steps Back...

Time really flies, especially when I get into the rhythm of weaving.  I fall into just the right state of calm focus and inspiration, and the colors and shapes flow from my fingers.  460 more words

Tapestry Weaving