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Searching for meaning in the 21st century

The world as seen by human beings five hundred years ago was much clearer. There were empires, religions and cultures that created a simple definition of life for its citizens. 663 more words

Human Life

The fascination of ferrous oxide (by Olga Norris)

I have been thinking lately, what is it that gives rust its seductive visual power? Why are so many creative folk increasingly drawn to using rust and rusting in their palette? 415 more words

Art Ideas

New Technique Links!

I’ve just made a new menu (look to your left) for tutorial and educational pages I’m making based on some of my classes. So far I have three links you can click; two are on watercolour and one is a category page from back when I was managing to post a tutorial every week. 83 more words


Digital Colour Play

The other night I found myself at a meeting, feeling twitchy and wanting to doodle. No paper? But wait — I had brought my laptop! I dug out an ink line drawing from my old “Mak” comic (part of… 524 more words


Messing about with books (by Margaret Cooter)

Artists who alter books by using their contents, rather than making books from scratch and filling them with their fresh ideas, have a material starting point: a physical book, or its text and/or images.  1,254 more words

Contemporary Art

Art requires skill?

Sometimes I’ve heard people say that some art doesn’t require ANY skill at all.  No ability, no skill, no technique, nothing.

But technical skill is necessary in some degree in every artistic context and by every definition of art that I’ve come across so far.   817 more words