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To present a weird art piece - Defamiliarization

What is weird art? I’ve always been attracted to bizarre artworks. I witnessed so many weird art pieces by visiting small modern art galleries, contemporary artists’ websites and blogs… What I have noticed from many of those artworks is that they put together things that normally do not go along in real life (other than a gory, grotesque use of violence (which I love)). 61 more words


Shadow Art...

Okay so before I start, this is not a political statement. Put the subject matter aside and focus on the amazing technique. Using light and shadow, not to mention a big pile of scrap metal and wire, artist Triantafyllos Vaitsis made this amazing portrait. 31 more words


Artist twins who meld tradtitions (by Margaret Cooter)

The Singh Twins, Amrit and Rabindra, have pioneered a new development of the traditional Indian miniature in modern art. Their work addresses important areas of critical debate, challenging stereotypes of heritage and identity. 224 more words

Art Technique

Scaling Up: Guy Fawkes

Created by my Year 8 and Year 9 Class

Objective: Scale up an A4 size image to A2 size and color it.

August 2014… 19 more words


I did it!



I will explain my steps in the coming posts…

Is it vain to say I love how it turned out?!

Glad to be back.

Play Time

Sketching with Willow Sticks

Willow sticks are excellent for covering a lot of paper in a short period of time. A willow stick is a piece of willow that has been turned into charcoal. 143 more words


Meaningful? Morbid? ... or simply a mixed bag to be sorted each on its own merit? (by Olga Norris)

Walter Potter: Rabbits’ Village School
It was popular during the 19th century, and gradually becoming a minority curiosity during the 20th, but then suddenly there has been a revival of the art of taxidermy – or a growth in the use of taxidermy in art. 458 more words

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