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My Summer Painting "Hit List"....


Here is a list of things I really want to paint. Many of you are familiar with my work and know that I use only 100% spray paint. 73 more words

Art Work


Some thirty years ago I did a painting of a New Mexico sunset, similar to this one, with very vivid colors. There was an old guy at a grain elevator who made the comment “you have quite the imagination” Hey! 40 more words

Art Work

Art Exhibition in Tramore

My “Working Hands” exhibition continues at the Coastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore, Waterford, Ireland.
Until August 5th

A key feature of the exhibition are studies in pencil and acrylic of my hands at work painting, drawing and crocheting. 128 more words


Butterflies by Numbers...

Summer has been busy… butterflies, kittens, art, improv, children, love, poetry, drama, life in general… time flies faster than the monarchs I release. ┬áThe weeds in my garden have gotten knee high, and the aphids have won in my alley side milkweed patch… which distresses me greatly… *sigh* … and as I sit here, a kitten nibbling on my toe, I notice that the caterpillars are hungry… Their supply of milkweed needs to be replenished… So, I must leave my writing for a moment or two… Pardon me, while I step out outside…………………………………………………. 222 more words


Grim Reaper

This is my grim reaper from the previous picture. I wanted to show her off by herself because I am proud of how she turned out.


Return to the Sky

I – I’m done. Its finished! Two and half days later and I finished! YAY!

Alright so this is kinda of a big deal for me. 140 more words